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Funeral; Oma Gillon

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Funeral; Oma Gillon

Oma Gillon or as all of us knew her “Omie” was a person deserving of more than just reading off a list of names and a few dates. She was a woman who could take time for anyone of her children, grandkids or great grandkids. And she was a person with a smile on her face wherever you saw her. Omie was preceded in death by her husband Virgil; father Hobart and mother Grace Bailey; also two of her brothers Leon and my father in law Harold.

Omie is survived by one brother James Bailey and three sisters Ada Donathon, Nancy Hamilton, and Eleanor Farris.

She was also survived by 3 Daughters, Virgilene, Nancy Frances, and Paula, 1 Son Robert; 5 Grandchildren, Dustin, Chris, Brittany, Jessica, Jeffery; 9 Great Grandchildren Jeffery, Christa, Keenan, Haden, Natalie, Peyton, Tommy, Spencer, and Cameron.

While I am mentioning her family I want you all to know that her family was all important to her. I found out one important little fact about her last night. Omie didn’t like to travel, I don’t just mean out of state but she didn’t even like to go out of the county if she didn’t have to. Yet when her first great grandchild Keenan was born she rode all the way to Greensboro North Carolina just so she could be with the baby. I saw the picture of her holding him and she was so happy to be there it can’t be described. But don’t think she only had one moment to remember there were a lot of times with all the kids grandkids and great grandkids that are still in your memory so many that we wouldn’t have time to mention them all.

I was blessed to have a chance to know her, the way I remember her was never to dress up fancy, and she seemed to me the type who would care for the needs of others before herself. She was always happy and she could make others around her happy as well. Every time she came to our church she had a little one with her and we looked forward to seeing her back.

A special message that I have for the family is while I am honored to have this opportunity to speak here at this service; don’t make this the only way you honor her memory. You can best honor her memory by showing the same love toward each other that she showed to each of you. Omie put others before herself; do the same love for each other. Put the comfort of others before your own.

Psalms 23:4

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