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Exposing the Lies Part 4 Once Saved always Saved!

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“For if we sin wilfully after that we have received the knowledge

of the truth, there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins,

But a certain fearful looking for of judgement and fiery

indignation, which shall devour the adversaries.”

Hebrews 10:26,27

In my last message on this series I touched on the sinners prayer, one of the

benefits of that cosy little doctrine is that once your saved your always saved.

This is called “The Perseverance of the Saints” one of the 5 points of

Calvanisim. Or more commonly referred to as “The Eternal Security of the

believer” because as you know these people are told all they have to do is

believe!!! on the contarary the Bible says the Devils to believe.

Today I am going to expose to you, this new lie of Once saved always

saved. Lets look at the word of God.

First Example: Ananias and Sapphira sold a possesion and kept some of the

money, God smote them for it, see Acts 4:32-38 Acts 5:1-11

If you have taken the time to read this short story, you would have read that

these two believed and walked among the congregation of the early Church.

Second Example: The sorcer Simon, believed, Repented, confessed and was

Baptized, Simon then fell away through attempting to purchase the power of

God with money. See Acts 8:9-24

This is two cases and we are in the very early Church, Peter tells Simon “your

money perish with you”!!! Simon afterwards ask's Peter to pray for him.

Third Example: The Apostle Talks about running the race to the end, Paul is

speaking of a spiritual race, referring to this as keeping himself in subjection

lest he should be cast away. See 1st Corinthians 9:24-27

Forth Example: The Apostle delivers a chilling warning to Christians lest they

simply assume they are fine and can do what they like.

See 1st Corinthians 10:1-12

Consider Logically.

You see when someone makes the statement to you, once saved always saved.

There are two fatal errors. firstly You are taking ownership of Salvation from

Jesus and giving it unto man. Secondly you are giving license to continue in

any kind of filthy lifestyle the so called “saved” person see's fit to engage in.

Lets for argument sake say Ted Bundy, one of the most evil men of all time the

definition of Serial Killer came from this Monster, entirely evil.

Lets just say he said the Prayer, believed at one time in his life perhaps when

he was in his late teens. Perhaps said the little prayer, maybe was even

Baptized. According to this Doctrine of once saved always saved, that would

mean now, that Bundy is in Heaven!!!!!! Now how insulting would that be to

the victims and their families? Lets look at some more Scripture.

“Brethren, if a man be overtaken in a fault, ye which are spiritual, restore

such a one in the Spirit of meekness; considering thyself, lest thou also be

tempted.” Galatians 6:1

This indicates a falling away and a restoring to grace. If you look at

Galatians 5:4 you see quite cleary you can fall from grace.

Fiveth Example. Hymeneus and Alexander delivered unto Satan for Blasphemy

see 1st Timothy 1:18-20

Sixth Example. Fallen away from the faith see 1st Timothy 4:1

Lets look at a few more examples. 1st Timothy 5:8 denying care to your family

and to a lesser extent, race and nation. 1st Timothy 6:10 The love of money.

Take the warning of Hymeneus and Philetus, who erred saying that the

resurrection is already passed. See 2nd Timothy 2:16-18

A further warning of falling away from the Living God can be found in

Hebrews 3:11,12

Here is just a few more before I close.

Hebrews 10:38,39 James 5:19,20 1st Peter 5:8 2nd Peter 2:20-22

2nd Peter 3:17 Revelation 2:4,5

I can close with this, these modern day Pharisees and false Prophets that are

teaching these damnable lies and false doctrine, is sending people to hell by the


“But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For ye shut up the

kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in yourselves neither

suffer ye them that are entering to go in.” Matthew 23:13


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