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Exposing the Lies Part 1- Pre-Tribulation Rapture

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Exposing the Lies Part 1

Pre-Tribulation Rapture.

The first in a series of false doctrines that must be exposed. You know we as

Christians are not being given the full “Terms and Conditions” of our faith. There are

things that we are not being told. Important things. In this message I am going to talk

about a very poisonous bit of Doctrine. According to most Baptist/Pentecostal

Church's, they will tell you that the Church will be raptured before the Tribulation

begins. Therefore, don't worry, you wont face any tribulation and its all wonderful.

Sounds rather Like this “They say still unto them that despise me, The Lord hath

said, Ye shall have peace; and they say unto everyone that walketh after the

imagination of his own heart, No evil shall come upon you,” Jeremiah 23:17

Jeremiah 23 is purely based on the lying and Prophets of the days of the Prophet

Jeremiah. Thus even back then, they told the lie that ye shall have peace and no evil

shall come upon you. Its a lie. Lets get into the Message.

I. Parable of the Tares and the Wheat. Mat 13:24-30

In this part of Scripture the Saviour explains that the Tares and the Wheat grow

together until the Harvest. Then it is the reapers who FIRST gather the tares

and burn them! See Mat 13:30

Now, I understand that is a parable spoken by Christ but you will see by the

end of the Message that this ties in with the rest of the message and that the

Rapture is false and we shall go through Tribulation.

II.Jesus explains the time lines

Beginning of troubles Mat 24:5-8

This is leading up to the start of the seven year Tribulation, with roamers of

war, People claiming to be the Christ and Messiah and all kinds of false

doctrines arise Earthquakes and boy have we seen a rise in them. Famines and

pestilences are all just the start of it.

Tribulation Begins- Peace Treaty Signed Dan 9:27

I would firstly encourage you to read all of Chapter 9 to fully understand verse

27 and then cross reference with Mat 24:15

You will see that this is where the tribulation begins. This lines up with

Mat 24:15-20 This then becomes a difficult struggle for survival for

believers as even during this time we will be speaking to people and giving

people the Gospel. We will go through Tribulation, we will struggle many will

be martyrs, Food will be scarce and even during this time will see even family

members turning each other in. It is difficult to put into words the type of

hardship we will face, but mark my words you will face it. There is no mention

of the return of Christ yet in the Scriptures I have listed.

Mid-Tribulation- The breaking of the Peace Treaty

The Great Tribulation.

Dan 9:27 Read the verse again and cross Reference with

Mat 24:21-28

OK we are half way through the Tribulation. At this point believers have faced

all kinds of difficulty Forgive me for not going through the Trumpet

Judgments and Horsemen but this is not what this message is about. This is

about dis-proving a lie. In any case it is now about to get worse for Christians.

The Beast is indwelled and is bout to enforce the mark, the reason I mention

the mark is specifically it reflects directly on the message. One of the

potential dangers of this miserable lie is that the mark will be taken as

believers will assume it is not the mark because they have not yet been

raptured. By the way I wager that Satan will be more Subtle than to stamp 666

in your right or forehead.

End of Tribulation 7 years- Christ Returns.

Mat 24:29-31 Now Christ appears AFTER the Tribulation

That should be all that is needed to any true believer of Scripture. However I

realize that there is the folk out there whom if God asked them to turn and walk

right, they would want to know why they cant walk left. So for the benefit of

those who love the lies.

III. Cross References with Mat 24

1st Thes 4:14-17 refers to the coming of the Lord in the air, this is simple to

cross reference with Matt 24:31

Paul Himself makes it clear we will face the Tribulation.

1st Thes Chapter 3

In this Chapter shows clearly especially in Verse 13 That this Tribulation will

happen before the coming of the Lord. Once again I refer you to Matt 24:31

So this isolates 1st Thes 4:17 to wit, this can only be the coming of the Lord

foretold by the Saviour himself in Mat 24:31 AFTER the tribulation.

The evidence from Revelation.

Rev 7:13,14 those who came through the Great Tribulation who washed

there robed in the blood of the Lamb. Let us cross reference again with

1st Thes Chapter 3 and Mat 24 It all leads back to the appearing of Christ

after the Tribulation, there is no Scriptural Evidence to suggest any Rapture

takes place before this Tribulation or evidence to suggest Christ comes to take

his Church away before this time. The word Rapture isn't even in the book of


Rev 17:6 This verse refers to the Martyrs of Christ who suffered at the

hands of the Whore. A type of one world faith. Those killed for the witness of

Jesus during this time. Remember this is Tribulation, this is a torrid time, folks

if we are living when this time begins then we have to be prepared for it. I am

warning you, that you wont get bailed out of this one.

Rev 19:11 Return of Christ.

This is the evidence from Revelation that supports Mat 24:31

Here Christ returns after the Tribulation to deal with the Beast and the False

Prophet and at this point Rev 19:20 the beast is cast into the lake of fire and

brimstone along with all his followers and Ministers and believe me there is

plenty of them!

How much clearer does this need to be. Put away the lies and read the Bible,

you will see for yourself, we will face the tribulation if we are alive to see it.


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