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The Prodigal Pig

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Ever hear the story of the Prodigal Pig? It goes like this:

There was a man who had two son

And loved them for they were his own.

The younger said, “Dad, I want my estate,

I think that I’m now fully grown.”

The son left home, went far away,

And spent all he had living high.

A famine then hit and low and behold,

He found himself in a pigsty.

The young man soon came to himself.

He turned to a piggy and said,

“Let’s get out of here and go to my dad.

He’ll see that we’re warm and well-fed.”

The father saw them from afar.

He ran and received them with glee.

He kissed his son, gave the pig a big hug,

And washed them as clean as can be.

He tied a bow around pig’s neck,

And placed a gold ring in his nose.

The father put shoes upon his son’s feet

And gave him a new set of clothes.

Both son and pig sat down to eat.

The boy became full as a tick.

But each time the food was passed to the pig

He cried out, “I’m gonna be sick!

There’s no way I can eat this stuff.

The lack of mud’s drying my skin.

The ring in my nose is just killing me.

I’m going back home to my pen.”

A son may run from his father,

Waste all to try making it big.

He will not stay in the pigsty because

A son is a son, not a pig.

Take care how you judge another,

‘Cause they appear good or look bad.

The one clean may be pig on his way home,

The muddy one, running to dad.

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