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We are a New Generation, Declare Your Praise

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Psalm 66


1. We talk about the things we love in our daily conversations.

a. I am always telling a hunting story.

b. Sharlene is constantly telling her family stuff about me and the kids.

i. Dan said there might be snow for deer hinting this year.

ii. Dan put some nails in the wall for us to hand towels on.

iii. The kids went trick-or-treating and walked by themselves this year.

iv. Dan doesn’t like that show, he says the man has a long head.

c. Missy talks about the kids in her class quite often.

i. This little boy is so funny, he did such and so.

ii. I have to pull a 24hr shift because of the budget cuts, teachers are now also janitors.

d. Bill is always talking about one of three things.

i. How wonderful his wife Dorothy is.

ii. If He’s not talking about Dorothy he’s telling a story about work or being in the navy.

2. Talking about the things we love is a form of praise.

a. I know that Shar loves me when I over hear her telling her family all about me.

b. God know that we love him when we tell other about him and what he’s done for us.


Let’s see how the Psalmist show love for God. READ PSALM 66

1. The Psalmist Praises God Corporately (vs1-12).

a. The English Standard Version says, “shout for joy to God (vs. 1-2).

i. As a church we need to praise God.

ii. As a church we need to praise God loudly.

b. As we continue reading we see the Psalmist naming the things they as a people are thankful for (vs. 3-7).

i. Does the attitude of our church show praise?

ii. God has blessed us in so many ways.

1. God has provided everything we need to function.

2. God has protected our church through struggles.

3. God has provided financially.

iii. We owe God praise for what he has done.

c. The Psalmist declares praise for the trials God has taken them through (vs. 8-12)

i. This church has had some trials, hasn’t it?

1. Attendance has gone up and down like a see saw since the churches conception.

2. Our location has been a constant trial and this summer we can add the road construction, as it affected our outreach efforts.

ii. God has sifted us and grown us through all the fires we’ve been through.


We went through the fire and the water

Yet God has brought us out to a place of abundance (vs. 12b,c)

2. The Psalmist praised God individually (vs. 13-20).

a. The Psalmist went to God’s house to praise him (vs. 13).

i. If God is important to us church should be important.

ii. We should be joyful that we can attend church.

b. The Psalmist participated in worship (vs. 14).

i. If we love God our actions will show worship.

ii. Participation in worship could mean various things.

1. Singing to God shows worship.

2. You might raise your hands to God.

3. Other people do things like standing, kneeling, clapping and dancing.

4. Some people even shout their praise to God.

c. The psalmist offered what he had to God (vs.15).

i. God expects us to offer ourselves to him in praise.

ii. God does not expect us to carry a live cow in here and sling blood everywhere.

iii. He wants us and our praise because he lives in our praises (Deut. 10:21) “He is your praise, and He is your God, who has done for you these great and awesome things which your eyes have seen.”

iv. Unfortunately, most of us come to church with reservation or contingencies.

1. Some people come because they feel obligation.

a. It doesn’t look right if I don’t go.

b. Mom and Dad will be disappointed if I’m not in church.

2. Some people come because there is someone they like to visit with.

a. Church is the only time I get to see Sue Ellen and she is soooo hot.

b. Mr. Samford goes to church every Sunday and I stand a better chance of him hiring me at his store if I go.

3. Some people come for various personal or political reasons.

4. A New Generation comes to praise God for what he has done and who he is.

d. The Psalmist praised God for personal victory (vs. 16).

i. God has been at work in your life so tell it Loud.

1. Give a personal testimony or brag on God to others at the church.

2. Don’t just tell your closest friends, share God’s blessings with the whole church.

a. When we talk about someone or brag on them we are praising them.

b. The more we say the bigger the praise.

c. Talk God up and give him your praise.

ii. Include your emotional victory, how God effects your mind and soul.

1. Did the victory bring you out of depression?

2. Did God’s activity bring extra confidence?

3. Are you overjoyed because of God?

e. The Psalmist told God himself how pleased he was (vs. 17).

i. Sometimes we tell everyone else except the person who deserves the praise.


Often I will brag on one of the kids to other people, but never give them the praise.

Daniel has been writing a book for some time now, and the other day I was reading through it for the first time. I gave it back with several corrections and didn’t say much other than you’ve got some corrections to make before we send it to the publisher. I didn’t tell him but the next time I talked to my buddy down South I bragged about Daniel’s book and how good it was. I told him about the characters and that he had already started on the second in the series before the first was even published. You know I praise Daniel up to all kinds of people but I rarely give him the praise. We need to give God the praise because just like Daniel would love to hear praise come from Dad, God loves to hear praise come from us.

ii. When you do praise God, go “over the top.”

f. The Psalmist repented of all sin before entering into God’s presence.

i. God listened to the praise of his child.

ii. God accepted the praise from his child.


God’s work in his church and in his people should lead all people to praise him.

1. The Psalmist calls all nations to shout for joy.

2. Everyone is to sing the glory of his name.

3. We must not put off our praise.

4. We must share what God has done, brag on Him.

5. He is powerful.

6. He is capable.

7. He loves us.

8. We should show our love for him by declaring our praise for him both here corporately and at home individually in our prayer closets.

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