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Chequebook survey

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Raymond Knudsen, an Episcopalian priest in San Fernando, California, overheard his three small boys talking about what they would like to inherit when their father died.  The oldest son wanted his dad’s watch and the middle one wanted his ring.  The youngest son said “I want all of Dad’s checks.”  The oldest boy responded:  “Mark, you would havn’t get a thing!  They are worthless.  There is nothing of value there.” 

But Father Knudesen reflected that perhaps there is something of greater value than most tend to believe.  “Actually, in my cancelled cheques there is the story of my life – the only autobiography I will ever write:  A record of my hopes and dreams, a record of my values and priorities: a record of purchases and expenditures.  Consider your cancelled cheques.  What do they say of you?  Your life?  Your values?  Your priorities? What you invested in?  Your hopes? Your dreams?  Your faith?[1]


[1] Illustration Sourcebank - #1784

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