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Eternal Hope

Heritage Service


-         BC Lions lost 5 games in a row.

o       Something had to change.

o       something did change.

-         Carla has tried to bake bread

o       yeast past “best before”

o       Something had to change

-         getting into heaven?

o       cannot possibly get there?

o       Something has got to change.

o       spend eternity in heaven with a pure, perfect and holy God, something is going to have to change.

o       not fit for heaven. Something has to change.

-         I Corinthians 15:50-58.

I.                   The Necessity of Change

-         verse 50 - “flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God.”

o       something that is impossible.

o       “nor.”

o       things that are not possible, they cannot happen.

o       Without a key, you cannot go into a locked room.

o       Without authorization you cannot cross an international border.

o       Without the things mentioned in this passage it is impossible to enter into heaven.

-         Verse 53 à divine necessity.

o       “must” appears twice

o       Certain things must happen before it is possible for any human being to be with God.

-         Why is it impossible?

-         Why must these things happen before we can get into heaven?

o       we are flesh and blood.

§         subject to death.

§         impossible for us to get into heaven.

§         Heaven is a place for those things that are eternal.

§         Anything that is subject to death cannot be in heaven.

§         no death in heaven

§         as long as we are subject to death, we are subject to something that will not be in heaven.

§         Something has got to change.

§         We need to become creatures of eternity.

o       we are perishable.

§         Everything on earth eventually is destroyed.

§         Diamonds

§         70 years or 80 if we are strong.

§         people are living longer

§         perhaps we would all now be considered middle age.

§         dying is a sentence that God has placed

§         Heaven is a place where nothing dies.

·        no perishing,

·        no rotting,

·        nothing that will disappear in heaven.

·        Heaven is an eternal place and in order for us to be in heaven, we need to change so that we too are eternal.

o       we are corruptible.

§         similar to perishable,

§         moral overtones

§         Our bodies become corrupted,

§         our lives become corrupted

§         our hearts also become corrupted.

§         In heaven, there is nothing that is corrupted.

§         Nothing changes into something worse.

§         Nothing impure or immoral or unclean is in heaven.

§         something must change.

-         I Corinthians 15 is that that change is going to take place.

o       Flesh and blood à eternal à no longer be subject to death.

o       perishable àimperishable à no longer become broken and destroyed.

o       corruptible à  incorruptible à no longer tend towards what is worse.

-         hope of all who belong to Christ.

-         without Christ we have no hope.

-         Christ, the perfect Son of God

o       came to earth in order to die on the cross

o       raised from the dead, as a human being,

o       forgiveness

o       change the hearts of all who believe in Him

o       give them eternal life.

-         God has made it possible for us to enter the kingdom of heaven pure, perfect, imperishable, incorruptible and immortal.

-         “…the absolute necessity of transformation in order to enter the heavenly mode of existence.”

-         hope of change is a wonderful word of encouragement

-         all the broken, destroying, perishable things which we accept as normal on this earth will not exist in heaven.

II.               The Means of Change

-         How does that change happen?

-         when we die.

-         Death is looked at by people on earth as an ending.

o       It is an ending.

o       end of life on this earth.

o       end of relationships

o       we remember what was because it is over.

o       We say goodbye to the person who has passed away because we will not see them any more on earth.

o       We shed tears because we have lost someone we loved.

o       an enemy

o       a reminder of the corruption and of the fact that we are mortal and perishable.

-         But in another sense, death is not an ending,

o       the means of change by which we will be able to enter into heaven.

o       not death itself that is the means of change,

o       death is only the necessary first step

o       resurrection which is the actual step which brings about the change.

o       without death, resurrection does not happen,

o       important step towards life which is eternal.

o       “the dead in Christ will be raised imperishable.”

o       “in Christ”

o       death becomes the door by which they will be changed through the resurrection into those who will inherit eternal life.

-         not the only way

o       “we will not all sleep.”

o       some, perhaps even some of us here, who will not have to die.

o       Those who are alive when Jesus comes

o       will still be changed,

o       may escape death, but they will not escape being changed.

o       We will all be changed.

-         The hope of resurrection and change is a wonderful encouragement

o       Death is always an enemy,

o       one step in the necessary process of change

o       hope for the day when death, corruption and perishing will no longer happen because we will be in heaven.

III.            The Time of Change

-         When will all this happen and what will it be like at that time?

-         “at the last trumpet.”

o       What is the purpose of the trumpet?

o       set an alarm so that I will not sleep too long.

§         “Sleep is over, now it is time to get up and get to work.”

o       trumpet call

§         “the day is here.”

§         day of earth life is over.

§         day in which the world is ruled by death and corruption is over.

§         day of God’s eternal reign has come.

§         then those who have experienced step one of the change will be raised from the dead and they will experience the completion of the change

§         all those who are still alive at that time will also immediately experience the same change.

-         We have been waiting for the sale of our house.

o       when the phone rings,

o       a great desire to hear that call when it comes.

o       Are we waiting for the sound of the trumpet with similar intensity?

o       Are we longing for the day of the trumpet call of God?

o       Not only so that we will avoid death, but much more so that everything will be changed so that we can go to heaven and spend eternity with God.

-         railway crossing

o       look to see, when is the end of the train coming?

o       trumpet call à cannot do that.

o       “…in a flash, in the twinkling of an eye.”

-         When we first applied for our passports waiting in line a long time.

o       there with young children

o       when the trumpet sounds.

o       change very quickly.

o       be ready


-         when I do a funeral,

o       read these words at the interment service.

o       never a good time to explain them

o       how important and profound they are.

-         remind us of the great hope we have.

o       God has provided for the change necessary for us to go into heaven.

o       as we bury someone, we know that have taken step one of the change

-         challenge us to make sure that we are ready

-         bless us with the hope that heaven will not be like life here.

o       no corruption and nothing will ever perish in heaven.

-         As we struggle through life, may these words encourage us with hope!

Lord’s Supper

-         I Corinthians 11:26 à “until the Lord comes.”

-         Lord’s Supper is an important occasion

o       reminded of the goodness of God

o       provided salvation through the death of Christ on the cross and through His resurrection.

o       keep reminding ourselves of this event until He comes.

o       we have spoken about the day of His coming

o       appropriate for us to remind each other of the foundation which will allow us to look forward to the day when the trumpet will sound.

Read I Corinthians 11:23-26




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