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Introduction: When I was growing up most people in the church called each other “brother” or “sister.” In some parts of our country that is still practiced. In Guyana I was always called “Brother Jerry.” But that may have been more a title of honor than brotherhood. Jesus originated that custom. Today’s passage gives some details.

I. Jesus’ physical family vs. 19-20

A. Mary, brothers (Matthew 13.55), unnamed sisters

B. John 7.1-5

C. Mark 3.21

D. Family was important

1. This was not rude toward his family

2. Jesus left his mother in the care of John

3. 1 Timothy 5.8

II. Spiritual family vs. 21

A. Made up of those who “hear God’s word and put it into practice.”

B. 8.18

C. “Brother” became Paul’s standard word referring to believers

III. Spiritual more important than physical

A. 14.26

B. 12.49-53

C. 18.28-30

D. Believers are of the same rank as Mary spiritually. She has no rank above other believers.

E. Hebrews 2.11-12

Conclusion: I love my grandchildren more than I ever thought possible. But Jesus is saying to me that my spiritual family is more important.

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