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Introduction: Pat and I were blessed to be sent by this church as missionaries to Guyana. I look at that time as one of the most important parts of my life. Jesus was sent as God’s missionary; He sent His apostles and others, then left the assignment to “go into all the world.” Our text is about Him sending the Twelve.

I. The story

A. Called the Twelve together

B. Empowered them

C. Sent them off with instructions

1. Equipment for the journey

2. Hospitality

3. Dealing with rejection

D. The Twelve went on their various trips

E. The Twelve obeyed

II. Lessons for us

A. Preaching “the Kingdom of God” = preaching “the gospel” (good news)

1. Vs. 2, 6>>Luke 9.2, 6

2. In preaching about the Kingdom, the Church is not as important as teaching about salvation, individuals or groups becoming believers

a. The Church is not unimportant

b. There are probably many who are in the Kingdom, who are not a part of a local gathering of Christians (church)

1) They may not know about the church

2) They may not know the importance of sharing with other believers

3. We have over-preached the Church and under-preached the Kingdom

B. Christians should be talking and doing vs. 2, 6>>Luke 9.2, 6

1. For these apostles it was preaching and healing

2. For us it is teaching and doing good

a. “Doing good” commanded 17 times in NIV

b. Psalm 34.14; 37.3, 27; Mark 3.4; Luke 6.27, 35; Acts 10.38; Galatians 6.9-10; Ephesians 2.10; Hebrews 13.16; 1 Peter 4.19

C. God did not wait for people to come to Him; He sent Jesus and Jesus sent apostles and us. The sending and going is permanent.

D. Miraculous powers were never used to make the lives of the miracle worker easier.

Conclusion: Jesus has called you and me to teach the gospel and do good. Some are better at the teaching part, some with the doing good part. It is important that we don’t let Jesus down.

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