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The Dails

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It’s been well over a year ago now that they came. I was standing at the Welcome Center greeting guests who had been in the service when a couple approached. I could tell they were troubled. As I observed them, their body language was all wrong. She was fighting back tears and he was talking. She wasn’t standing very close to him and she looked almost angry. He was desperate for some kind of response and took some time to explain their situation. The short of it was that their marriage was in trouble. I don’t remember much what he said other than that they needed help. When I heard that I looked at her. I was looking for some sign that she wanted help as much as he did. All I got was tears coming out of pretty hard, defiant eyes.

I tried to console them and encouraged them to work on their marriage, but as they walked away, I must admit that I really didn’t feel a whole lot of hope. I thought, “If they ever save that marriage it really will take a miracle.”


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