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Learning from Leviticus 8-13

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Leviticus 8:1–9:24

Aaron was anointed with ‘the anointing oil’, set apart or ‘dedicated’ to the Lord for ‘holy duties’ (8:12, 30). Anointed by the Lord and dedicated to the Lord, ‘Aaron and his sons did everything the Lord commanded through Moses’ (8:36). Concerning the Lord’s commands, Moses said, ‘the Lord has commanded you to offer these sacrifices so that you may see the Lord’s glory’ (9:6). Together with Moses, Aaron was obedient to God, bringing the blessing of God to the people – ‘Then the Lord’s glory appeared to all the people’ (9:23). The principles of God’s blessing are still the same. We need the anointing of the Holy Spirit. He calls us to obedience. This is the way of receiving God’s blessing. This is the way in which the glory of God comes down upon the people of God. We receive God’s blessing when the Holy Spirit comes down upon us in His mighty power.

Leviticus 10:1–11:47

It is vital that we know ‘the difference between what is holy and what is unholy’ (10:10). God calls us to ‘be holy’. He calls us to ‘live holy lives’ (11:44). This is the central point we must see in all the unfamiliar details of ancient Jewish worship. This is the ‘permanent law’ (10:9, 15). This is the teaching which must be passed on to ‘generations to come.’

Leviticus 12:1–13:59

Again and again, we read the word, ‘clean’. Looking beyond the teaching regarding health, we may recall that ‘the blood of Jesus Christ – God’s Son – cleanses us from all sin’ (1 John 1:7). This is the cleansing everyone needs. No matter how healthy we may be, in our bodies, we are spiritually diseased, because of sin, and we need Christ’s cleansing.

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