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Learning from Leviticus 1-7

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Leviticus 1:1-3:17

We may note the frequent recurrence of the phrase, ‘a soothing aroma to the Lord’ (1:9, 13, 17: 2:2, 9, 12; 3:5, 16). The presence of the Lord is ‘like a fragrance that fills the air.’ Not all people welcome the presence of the Lord. To some, it is ‘the aroma of Christ’, ‘a life-giving fragrance.’ To others, it is ‘a deadly fragrance’ (2 Corinthians 2:14-16). We are to pray that our life – in every part – will be pleasing to the Lord. We are to pray that our life will bring glory to Him. This will involve our worship in the holy place. It will also involve our living for the Lord in the many and varied situations of everyday life.

Leviticus 4:1–35

The word, ‘blood’, appears often here. We may note, in particular, the phrase – in verse 25 – ‘the blood of the offering for sin.’ In the final verse, we see why ‘the blood of the offering for sin’ was shed – ‘forgiveness’ and ‘peace with the Lord.’ Reading about this, our thoughts turn towards Jesus Christ, our Saviour, who died that we might be forgiven. Out of love for us, He gave Himself for our sins so that we might have peace with God (Romans 5:8, 1).

Leviticus 5:1–7:38

In the description of different offerings, we catch a glimpse of our need and Christ’s salvation. There is ‘the offering for sin’ (5:6), ‘the guilt offering’ (6:6), ‘the fellowship offering’ (6:12), ‘the fellowship offering’ (6:12), ‘the fellowship offering of thanksgiving’ (7:15), ‘the contribution offering’ (7:34) and ‘the ordination offering’ (7:37). There is teaching here which helps us to understand our Christian experience. Christ died for our sins to remove our guilt and bring us into fellowship with God. Grateful to Him, we give ourselves to Him, confident that He has ordained that we should bear fruit for Him (1 Peter 1:3:18; John 15:16). All of this arises from the Old Testament details – the burnt offering, the grain offering’ (7:37). We must always look beyond these Old Testament sacrifices to our Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ.

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