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I Owe, I Owe, So Off to Work I Go

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I wish I could remember in which city I was standing as I looked at that very expensive car. It was not just the car that “caught” my eye. On the back bumper was a sticker which read: “I Owe, I Owe, So Off to Work I Go.”  I also don’t know if the company which had printed the sticker had paid any royalties to the famous cartoon company for satirizing a line from “Snow White.”  No matter how wealthy the owner actually was, the car had obviously cost a lot of money.

I was reminded of that bumper-sticker while thinking of approaches to take for this message from Romans 13:8-10 on the Sunday before Labour Day. The sad reality is that many in our world work in order to survive. They have no time to reflect upon their non-existent job perks. They need to scrimp and to save in order to provide basic food and shelter. That truth was driven home this weekend while watching a news report from Libya. The reporter noted that skilled doctors were fortunate if they were able to make $300--per MONTH. Those of us who live here in Canada are very fortunate on many levels.

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