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Are We Maturing as a Churc1

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Are We Maturing as a Church!

Dullness of Hearing!

Hebrews 5:11-14

I.        Introduction

II.     The Third Warning. A need to inform them of some things of which they are not ready to receive.  For they are hampered by dull hearing.

A)    What is Dullness of Hearing

B)     Dull comes from the Greek nothros, which is made up of the words for “no”

and “push.” Literally, therefore, it means “no push” slow, sluggish. When used of a person it generally meant intellectually numb or thick.

C)    They are spiritually dull, hard to teach.

D)    They are lethargic. They have loss that zeal that they once had.

III.   Dullness is Gradual

IV.  Dullness is unproductive

V.     Closing

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