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Bike Weight

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I have a bike which is in the middle of the road price range. I didn’t buy it, actually, my brother-in-law, who is an avid biker bought it for me. It cost around $800.00. Now I know you immediately might think, “Well, I can go to Walmart and buy a bike for $49.95 any day of the week . . .” and you probably could. But you would not want to race with that Walmart bike. Why not? It’s too heavy among other things. You see, the more you pay for a racing bike, the less you get. In fact, it is nothing for a professional racer to pay $10,000.00 for a bike. But it’s a very special bike. It’s frame is made of carbon so it’s weight is measured in ounces not pounds. Why? Because in fierce competition, ounces make the difference!

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