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                                                                         THE LORD’S HELP




                  “WATCH OUT FOR THE DITCHES”



     When God brought Israel out of Egyptian bondage, it was actually in fulfillment of a prophecy and promise that He had made with Abraham back in Gen.15:13-14.  Look at that text for just a moment. “AND HE SAID UNTO ABRAM, KNOW OF A SURETY THAT THY SEED SHALL BE A STRANGER IN A LAND THAT IS NOT THEIRS, AND SHALL SERVE THEM, AND THEY SHALL AFFLICT THEM FOUR HUNDRED YEARS; AND ALSO THAT NATION WHOM THEY SHALL SERVE, WILL I JUDGE: AND AFTERWARD SHALL THEY COME OUT WITH GREAT SUBSTANCE.”  Egypt was a type or a picture of sin for Israel.  Egypt represented bondage, it represented the slave-master, oppression, depression, and superstition, but when God brought them out, He never intended for them to be in bondage again.


     That’s why our text was so important to them.  God intended for them to stay in the straight path.  He never wanted them to fall back into another situation like Egypt.  But the only thing that would keep them from was their obedience to a Loving God.  Therefore, were not to turn aside to the left or to the right.  The straight path was the safe path.  God knew that their enemies were setting DITCHES for them, and they had to WATCH OUT FOR THE DITCHES.


     Listen to Deut.4:2 for just a moment  Because the Word of God “(R)”  Deut.6:4-6;  Deut.7:2-4;   Deut.8:3;  

     By DITCHES, I mean open pits, open graves, open holes.  By DITCHES, I mean places of hardship, traps, shame, destruction, and ultimately eternal damnation.


     There are DITCHES that you need to watch out for because Satan our enemy is out to destroy us.  Now God doesn’t want any of us to be lost, 2Pet.3:9; 1Tim.2:4;”(Q)”   God is concern about us, but the devil is out to destroy us.  Take a look at a few warning God has given to today, just like He gave to the Nation of Israel. 1Cor.10:12; 2Pet.3:17; Js.5:12; Heb.4:11; Heb.6:4-6.


     God gives us warning after warning.  God is telling us, WATCH OUT FOR THE DITCHES.  What DITCHES, brother Preacher must we watch out for?  (1)  WATCH OUT FOR THE DITCH OF DOCTRINAL ERROR.  THIS DITCH IS AN OPEN GRAVE, LEADING MEN TO DESTRUCTION.


     People say that DOCTRINAL is not all that important, but that’s what the DEVIL wants them to believe.  The DEVIL is a Deceiver, a LAIR, AND THE FATHER OF LIES.  Jo.8:44; Eph.4:14; Col.2:8


      Is the DOCTRINE IMPORTANT?   Listen to Matt.16:6,11-12; Rom.16:17-18; Jo.7:16-17; Matt.15:9; 1Tim.4:16; Heb.13:9.  Watch out for the ditch of doctrinal error.



CHRISTIANITY IS THE RELIGION OF CHRIST.  Heb.2:1-3;  Heb.12:2; Matt.16:18-19.  He was the First ONE to say, I will BUILD MY CHURCH.  IT started with JESUS.

What does the CHURCH have to do with our SALVATION?  Acts 2:47;  Eph.5:23-25;  No Church, no salvation.  They are connected.  Just like the ARK was connected in Noah’s day with the salvation of the people, the Church of Christ is connected today.  God wants no division.


     1Cor.1:10-13; Jo.10:16,; Rom.16:16 “(Q)    Jesus said in Matt.7:13-14;  Matt.15:13-14 “(Q)”   You need to WATCH OUT FOR THE DITCHES.


   Finally,  WATCH OUT FOR THE DITCH OF DAMNATION, ETERNAL DAMNATION.  Rev.21:8;  Rev.22:11-15.    My friends don’t wait too late.   The rich man waited too late.

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