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Rachel Chan

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Francis Chan speaks of this in his own family. He said that his inability to control came home to him with his own teenage daughter. He said he realized that she was not in love with Jesus. He said that he spent nights, crying, bawling, and praying for the Lord.

I don’t know if you know who Francis Chan is, but he is a great man of God and a gifted preacher. He said that he realized that he was known for his ability to communicate the Word of God, but that there was nothing he could do for his own daughter to make her fall in love with Jesus. He could guide, lead, and even discipline, but he was powerless to convict her.

So . . . he prayed. I prayed, “God, either your Spirit comes into her, or your Spirit doesn’t. It doesn’t matter how great a Dad I am. I cannot bring her to life.”

One day he said that she came into his room. She said, "You were right, Dad. The Holy Spirit was not in me. But now he is." She talked about how near she was to God and how everything had changed.

Chan says that he and his wife were skeptical. They wanted to see evidence of change. But 18 months later, He can say that she really is a new creation. Chan says that he didn't do that. It was the Holy Spirit.

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