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Dads are Important

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Did you know that in 1997 (latest stats I found) children spent on 45 minutes per week engaged in any conversation with anyone in the family where conversation was the major activity. The number of families having dinner together regularly dropped by 33% from 1987-1997. Family vacations decreased by 28% as well. I can only imagine what has happened in the last ten years with the explosion of technology and texting.

But understand that, while fathers have less and less involvement in the lives of their children, this apathy is not without consequences. Sons with uninvolved fathers are 300%more likely to be incarcerated in state juvenile institutions. Daughters with uninvolved fathers are 111%more likely to be teen parents Women with uninvolved fathers are 92% more likely to fail in their marriages. Men with uninvolved fathers are 35% more likely to fail in their marriages. Children from father-absent homes make up 63% of youth suicides. Children who live without their fathers are 2-3 times more likely to be poor, use drugs, experience health, educational,

emotional and behavioral problems, to be victims of child abuse and to engage in

criminal behavior than those who live with their fathers. Dad’s are important!

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