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Topical - Mind, Winning the Battle

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Winning the Battle

For your Mind

A.     Win the Battle for Your Mind

1.     The Brain Itself.

a)       It is a Magnificent Thinking Machine

1)           Most of us Seldom Use More Than 10% of the Brains capacity.

(a)         The brain is an amazingly complex electrical chemical marvel, weighing only about three pounds, but containing billions of cells that are capable of performing an incredibly enormous work load—generating, receiving, recording, and transmitting energy.

(b)        Scientists have estimated that after 70 years of activity, a brain may contain nearly 15 trillion separate pieces of information.  Thousands upon thousands of thoughts can pass through it every day.

(c)         Most of us seldom use more than 10% of the brain’s capacity, and this is unfortunate because the more we use our brains, the more effective they become.

b)      The Term mind.

1)           Mind is more Specifically a New Testament Concept.

(a)         In the Old Testament heart is usually the word behind the translation mind.

(b)        Mind includes both the faculties of perceiving and understanding as well as those of feeling, judging, and determining.

(c)         The mind is the control center of our being where the basic direction of our lives is established.

(d)        The information received there, the experiences encountered there, and the conditioning that takes place there all effect the decisions we make and the course of action we take. 

For as he thinks in his heart, so is he (Proverbs 23:7 NKJV)

(e)         Our minds are being pulled in every direction, & often times, we simply do not know what to do.

(1)        We must tune our minds to the right channel and get our information from the only completely accurate and authoritative source—the inspired Word of God!

(2)        Listening to what God has to say about our minds will clear up our confusion and help us get our heads on straight.

2.     The Condition of the Natural Mind.

a)       God Created Adam with a Mind.

1)           Adam had the Ability to think, reason, understand, feel & to will.

(a)         Adam named every species of beast and fowl on the earth of his day (Gen.2:19-20).

(b)        He understood his responsibility to have dominion over the earth (Gen.1:28).

(c)         He learned to till the soil and to care for the garden in which God place him (Gen.2:15).

(d)        He was able to comprehend God’s plan for marriage and to love his wife (Gen.2:23-24).

2)           Adam’s Descendant’s Showed Advanced Metal Development.

(a)         Abel acquired the necessary techniques to raise sheep successfully (Gen.4:2).

(b)        Descendants through Cain demonstrated unusual musical talent (Gen.4:21).

(c)         Enoch gave particular attention to cultivating a close personal relationship with the Lord, “And Enoch walked with God” (Gen.5:24). 

(1)        Walking with and knowing God was the major reason why God made human being with minds, so that they could get to know Him, enjoy His fellowship, and glorify Him.

(2)        God would receive great glory from created beings with vast mental capacities choosing to know and worship Him (Philippians 3:8-10). 

b)      Man Eats of the Forbidden Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil (Gen.3:6-7)

1)           The Mind is Darkened (Eph.4:17-18).

(a)         Unbelievers walk in the futility of their mind, with their understanding darkened. (v.18).

(b)        There is one person pleased about this & does everything he can to keep it shaded from spiritual truth—The God of this Age (2 Cor.4:4).

(1)        Satan blinds the minds of unbelievers lest they should believe the gospel.

(2)        He does this by getting people to focus their life upon themselves & the world, and if he accomplishes this, the person will become enslaved to their flesh & the things of this world (1 John 2:15-17).

2)           The Mind is Defiled (Titus 1:15-16).


3.     The Cure for the Natural Mind.

B.      The Enemy of the Mind

1.     The Conflict in the Believer’s Mind.

2.     The Conquest by the New Mind.

C.     The Mind of Christ

1.     The Harmonious Mind.

2.     The Humble Mind.

D.     A Mind to Suffer

1.     The Example of Suffering.

2.     The Benefit of Suffering.

3.     The Danger of Suffering.

E.      A Mind to Grow

1.     An Honest Mind.

2.     A Highly - Motivated Mind.

F.       The Mind Screen

1.     Is It True?

2.     Is It Honorable?

3.     Is It Right?

4.     Is It Pure?

5.     Is It Lovely?

6.     Is It of Good Repute?

7.     Is It Excellent?

8.     Is It Praiseworthy?

G.     A Sound Mind

1.     Characteristics of Sound – Minded People.

2.     A Catalog of Sound – Minded People.

3.     The Provision for Sound – Minded People.

H.     A Peaceful Mind

1.     The Prohibition.

2.     The Plan.

3.     The Promise.

I.         A Heavenly Mind

1.     Our Eternal Aims

2.     The Earthbound Alternatives.

3.     The Effective Answer.

J.       All Your Mind

1.     Love God with All Your Mind.

2.     Seek God with All Your Mind.

3.     Serve God with All Your Mind.

4.     Obey the Lord with All Your Mind.

K.     A Willing Mind

1.     Willing to Work for the Lord.

2.     Willing to Give to the Lord.

3.     Willing to Receive the Word.

4.     Willing to Share the Gospel.

5.     Willing to Live Holy Lives.

L.      A Wise Mind

1.     It Is Wise to Keep Ourselves Pure.

2.     It Is Wise to Receive Instruction.

3.     It Is Wise to Work Diligently.

4.     It Is Wise to Guard What We Say.

5.     Wisdom Alone Does Not Satisfy.

M.   Molding the Mind

1.     Take It In.

2.     Chew It Up.

3.     Live It Out

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