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Let my People Go

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Worship of the Almighty God is the chief occupation of a Christian.

­ It cost God His Son, for us to be able to worship Him. God had to turn away from His Son, so that we could turn to Him in worship.

­ It has always been with a mighty hand that God has brought man to Himself.

Even in the passage that was read to us.

Statistics: Ex 12:37 – 600,000 men on foot, aside from children.

When the people of Israel set out to worship, it was as if the whole city of Toronto leaving Canada. About 3 million people and God provided for them in the wilderness, for forty years.

::Food consumption for 40 years::

­ Food: 58 million tons.

­ Water: 160 Billion gallons

­ Toronto’s Garbage: 4,000 tonnes a day.

Ex 5: 1 – Let my people go, that they may hold a feast unto me in the wilderness.

or Worship me or Serve me.

So what is WORSHIP?

What does it mean when we say worship in truth and spirit.

­ I understand worshipping in spirit, but what does worshipping in truth mean.

Know the truth- know the Lord or understand the meaning of worship.

­ Why is it there are times of dryness within the spirit even after we come together for worship?

­ Why aren’t our younger saints caught up in the excitement of worship.


Worship is Constant living (24/7), of our Complete being (our life and our assets), Consecrated to the glory of God.

It is a high call you and I have received and God demands nothing less.

::Focus:: Both our lives and our corporate worship. Let God speak with you today.

We need to pay good attention to what is top priority for God.

­ Boss and work.

­ Student in an test, knows what the teacher has said is important.

:: SHARE:: From this passage…

1. Four (4) thoughts that stirred my heart.

2. Four (4) aspects that worship must mean to us.

3. Four (4) compromises with the world that we must avoid when we worship.

Let’s explore:

A Four (4) Thoughts : VERY QUICKLY

­ Ex 5: 2 – “I know not the Lord”. The reason the world ignores our Lord—they don’t know Him. Vs 7-8: Additional work is thrust. For the world spiritual activity is a spare time activity. If you live a life of true worship, would the world know your Lord better?

­ Ex 5:20 -- FOR THE ELDERS. On their way back from Pharaoh, the people of Israel stood in the way. The response of Moses and Aaron was Vs 22 – They turned to the Lord.

Ps 23: the staff and Thy rod they comfort me. The rod is for the wild animals

not the sheep.

Elders, leading the flock of God is not an easy job. It is only by turning to God for every help that you would be able to lead the people of God.

­ Ex9:5 – THE GRACE OF GOD .And the LORD appointed a set time, saying, Tomorrow the LORD shall do this thing in the land. God is a God of grace. He gives us time to repent. “The Lord is not slow about His promise, as some count slowness but is patient toward you, not wishing for any to perish but for all to come to repentance. 2 Peter 3:9.

­ Ex 8:10 – THE FOOLISHNESS OF THE WORLD And he said Tomorrow, when asked when should Moses pray to take away the plague. Also Ex 8:7 and 7:22 – frogs and water turned to blood. They added to their plague, but couldn’t take away what God had sent.

B Four (4) Aspects of Worship

­ Ex 4:23 – let my son go, that he may worship . Worship is about Sonship.

There is Courtship.

God courts you. How would we behave.

­ Ex 5:1 – Let my people go, that they may hold a feast. Worship is about

Satisfaction. There is a sumptuous fare. It is a Celebration.

No more hunger no more thirst.

­ Ex 7:16 – Let my people go that they may serve me. Worship is about Service. Ex 10:2 8:209:1 9:13 10:3. There is Commitment.

Five (5) times this phrase is repeated.

­ Ex 8: 25— Go ye sacrifice to the LORD in the land. Worship is about Sacrifice.

There is a Cost

C Four (4) Compromises in Worship

I Worship in the Land. Ex 8:25

­ The world wants us to worship God in our terms not God’s.

­ Within our comfort zone.

­ Stats: Church dropouts of practicing Christians is at its highest.

­ Worship is not possible in Egypt. Gen 13: 1-4 –Abraham had to leave Egypt before he could build an altar.

­ Heb 11:26 – Moses refused to be called the son of Pharaoh’s daughter…choosing rather the reproaches of Christ greater riches. We must leave Egypt to be able to worship.

­ Ex 8:26 – Sacrificing in Egypt was an abomination to the Egyptians. So how can you worship without sacrificing.

­ Ps 137: 3-4 – How can we sing the Lord’s song in a strange place.

Christians are guilty of bringing the world into their Churches. Easy to blame Mega Churches, we too have:

­ (Corporate worship)If we ‘endure’ worship. World tries to decrease pain and increase pleasure.

­ If worship is just a formality. The world’s 80-20 principle. 80% show and keeping up appearances for 20% work.

­ If worship is a duty. Then like the prodigal’s brother, we parked our bodies in the church and left for a far away land.

God will never allow anything of the wisdom of the world to taint His worship. Is the Church in the world, or is the world in the Church.

­ Worship God is His terms.

II Only go ye not far away. Ex 8:28.

­ Stay close. No fanaticism required. Don’t be the martyr says the world.

­ You don’t need to be a sore thumb. Don’t be a social outcast.

­ Find a balance between Spirituality and Society. Many Christians have bought that lie.

­ You can straddle both worlds, say your friends, but God says friendship with the world is enmity with God.

­ You cannot straddle both worlds, they are too wide apart.

­ Christian living is a 180o turnaround.

­ The narrow way and broad way: in the centre and going the opposite way.

­ When Joseph was tempted, he wanted to keep the maximum distance possible

III Ex 10:11—Go ye that are men

- Leave your children and wives behind – world wants your children

- Look at the TV. Hotel world – children are the decision makers

- Ladies do not openly worship. We think no role for women in Lord’s work.

- Yes the ladies do worship – silently.

- LJC said forbid them not to come unto me.

- Christianity is not a representative faith but a personal one.

- Gen 7:1 – invitation to Noah – “Come thou and al thy house”

- Parents want to give the best to their children- best education, branded clothes, great camps. They work long hours to maintain a good home. There is now no more time for the family altar.

- Num 14:3-4 –Israel wanted to go back to Egypt for their children. Ironically, they were the only ones who entered the Promised Land.

- Josh 24:15 -- the confidence of Joshua. That his family would serve the Lord.

IV Ex 10:24 – Leave your flocks and herds behind

- The world wants you to leave your wallet behind.

- Salvation is free, but does worship cost? It sure does.

- Mt 6:21 – where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

- Heb 11:15 – “and indeed if they had been thinking of that country from which they went out they would have had opportunity to return.” They did not even let themselves think of the land they left behind, lest they are tempted to return.

- Mal 3:8 – will a man rob God.

God says, it’s mine, all the fruit and the increase thereof.

- David. 2 Sam 24:24 – neither will I offer to the Lord, My God that which cost me nothing.

- Ex 10: 26 – There shalt not a hoof be left behind. What is your “hoof” that holding you back… don’t give a hoof to this world, it is not concerned about you.

- Let’s not forget to bring a ‘precious’ offering to our Lord.

Like Israel, we have only two (2) options, either serve Egypt or serve Jehovah.

Egypt will not let you leave easily.

Ex 14:5 – what is this we have done that we have let Israel go from serving us? It is also a life of compromises. It is the devil who is a control freak, not God. God on the other hand wants you to serve Him out of a free will but there is no compromise.

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