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 Keep silence for a minute

 If I’m to minister, I must talk… similar to a Christian

In the mission field a Christian cannot keep quiet.

Mt 28: 18 –20 The last command of our Lord – Evangelize.

 The most important is reminded again before leaving home.

 Story of LJC and Gabriel – carry on the work by men – no alternative or contingency plan.

Mt 24:14 Preached in all the world unto all nations.

Rev 5:9 Redeemed us to every kindred & tongue & people & nation – we have to make this come true.

 Scene in India – Two extremes are getting visible .

1. Gospel meetings are for the converted. Running scared

2. Open air meetings still going on – more gospels sold

Phil 1:28-29 Not to be terrified by our adversaries.



 It suggests a goal.

 Go to the ticket counter & ask for a ticket .What will they ask– Where to? Destination.

 Visit houses – gone for a walk—that’s not Christian living.

 Story of a good Samaritan – was on a journey – ‘a purpose’.

Prov 29:18: No vision people perish. Vision of the perishing.

 It’s not just about maintaining the 99 but so seek that 1 which is lost.

 Do you have a vision—are you ready to go. Even at work, will you, ‘that loosened tongues employ’.

 Lord had few gospel meetings, more of personal evangelism. Not everybody was healed. By the pool of Bethseda – Many ill, but one was healed.

 Did you reach out to that one today. Do we have a target? Let’s start by speaking to two persons a week.


 We have stopped believing that God will save.

Col 1:22 Do not move away from hope of the gospel.

Luke 18:8 Shall He find faith on the earth.

 Faith is tough. Example: Paul Friday. God does for His glory.

 Abraham: a towering example of faith

 At 75: called out -- where are you going – I don’t know

Who called you – God. What about these idols – not gods

At 86: Tries to help God with Ishmael

At 99: God changes his name. Abram – Father of few to Father of nations – Abraham. Name changing party.

Some may have thought – The old man has lost his marbles.

 Most of us are surviving on the faith and work of our forefathers, but what of our children.

 To Galvanize us – more cases of cancer & illness among the more active, the best among us. To get our act together.

 Shield of Faith: Made of straw, cardboard or toughened steel.

III Give

 Example of Sea of Galilee and Dead Sea.

 Make giving a habit

 God’s formula: Give and Get

 As an individual – Family—Assembly – we have wants.

Mal 3:10: Prove me … open the windows of heaven.

 What percentage of what we spent on ourselves do we give God

 Faith Offering. Oswald J Smith, sent >300 evangelists from his church. Make a commitment – between yourself and God.

IV Example

 Paul when imprisoned. Chance to testify to the elite Roman soldiers – but he was observed 24 hours a day.

 We get so sucked into the world, that we forget that we have to behave like the King’s Children.

Example: Put your watch on the other hand. Do we feel uncomfortable in the company of carnal talk. People are watching us.

 What about our children. Do they see us Pray, see us give, see us share the gospel.

 Supporting a family in Bombay—an evangelists spends INR 5000. There needs like literature, Bibles etc.

Mt 24:14 : Gospel of the kingdom preached – world as witness then shall the end come.

Acts 1:8 : Witnesses both in Jerusalem – Judea – Samarea—uttermost parts – we haven’t started yet.

2 Sam 19:10 : Why speak ye not a word of brining the King back.


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