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March 21 - Wednesday

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Wednesday Night Bible Study                                                                March 21, 2007

River Dance

Pray for Worship

HomeBuilder Bible Study has changed to 6-8pm on Saturday nights.

Please turn to II Peter 2:10-16 and stand for the reading of God’s Holy Word.

Opening Prayer


II Peter 2:10-16

II Peter is about KNOWLEDGE and the danger of FALSE TEACHING.  Here in

II Peter Satan is a serpent seeking to deceive us.  FALSE TEACHING that comes from within the church is far more dangerous than any persecution we will go through.  Where persecution cleans and strengthened us; FALSE TEACHINGS weaken us.  We need to know that the ONLY weapon to fight false teaching and Satan’s lies is the Word of God, which is where we get our KNOWLEDGE and Power.

Character of False Teachers

A.               Pride

They hate any kind of authority or power.

God has established the “authorities” in this world

          Human government

          Headship in the home

          Leadership in the church

          These are just a few.

FALSE TEACHERS want to run things their own way and reject God’s order.

Turn to Jude 8-9 page 1843

B.               Ignorance

False teachers will knowingly blind themselves to what the Bible teaches.

          Turn over to II Peter 3:5

False teachers call excited Christians “uneducated” and religious studies “old-fashioned.”

C.               Lust

Wrong doctrine and wrong living go together.

False teachers live in luxury and “attract” people who are “uneducated” in God’s Word and are attracted to their teachings.

It is terrible the way the name of Christ has been disgraced by “religious leaders” who live in sin while attempting to help others find the Lord.

D.               Greedy

Verse 3 points out that FALSE TEACHERS use false words to abuse the people and verse 18 says they use “arrogant words of vanity.”

Unfortunately, there are many people who delight in following these religious “windbags,” not realizing that these teachers are picking their pockets while they poison their lives.

Peter cites Balaam as an example in Numbers 22-25.

He was a prophet who used his gifts to make money and lead Israel into sin.

The Sodomites tried to molest angels but were unaware that they were angels.

We as Christians have to be concerned for our public witness,

if we allow rebellion in our life and witness,

          ALL Christians are persecuted.

False teachers hate earthly authorities and the angelic authorities behind them.

                             Turn to Ephesians 1:18-23 page 1719

These verses are telling us that we have the SAME POWER in us that raised Jesus from the dead.

Each one of us here tonight has that SAME POWER that raised Jesus from the dead.

Each one of us here tonight has the KNOWLEDGE AND POWER to fight FALSE TEACHERS and Satan who uses them.

We have the WORD OF GOD!

Closing Prayer

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