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The Pre Millenial View

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The view I hold to is the Pre Millenial View. This view of prophecy is described in the Left Behind series of books and films. Some Christians hold to other views such as the Amillenial View, the Post Millenial View and the Pan Millenial View. The Pan Millenial View says that it will all pan out in the end. The Post Millenial View and Amillenial View are very similar. The Premillienial View was held by the apostles and the early Church Fathers for over 300 hundred years. The Amillenial View was put forth by Augustine and Origen after the Roman Catholic Church started. Much of the Church returned to the Premillenial View after the Reformation. In recent years Amillenialism has been promoted again. For further study, can I recommend the book Things To Come.

Augustine said that Christ would return in 650 ad. and reign for a thousand years. He was wrong. This view has been changed many times and Amillenialists don’t agree amongst themselves. Everything depends on how you interpret Scripture. The Premillenial View holds to the Historical / Grammatical approach to interpretation of Scripture. What did it mean to the original audience? What do the words mean literally? The Amillenial View looks for a spiritual or allegorical meaning to the Scriptures. They don’t accept the normal meaning of the words when it comes to Bible Prophecy. Granted there are signs and symbols used in prophetic Scriptures. But not all of it is written this way. If the Scriptures make sense with their normal reading accept them that way. Gold = Gold; Church = Church; 1000 Years = 1000 Years. Beasts with horns need to be examined in light of the original audience and the rest of the Scriptures.

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