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Who Moved the Stone

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And it changed Frank Morison. He was an English journalist who scorned Christianity so much he decided to disprove it. He knew that if he could disprove the resurrection as no more than myth, he could destroy the Christian religion.

So he went to work. He poured over the evidence, trying to absorb all the information he could and marshaling all of his arguments. Finally he had to captiulate. Not only was he unable to disprove the Resurrection, but he was compelled on the weight of the evidence to become a believer himiself.

He was so impressed that he wrote a book entitled Who Moved the Stone? It offered a compelling argument for believing the resurrection as an historical fact of history. He said that the book is “essentially a confession— the inner story of a man who originally set out to write one kind of book and found himself compelled by the sheer force of circumstances to write quite another.”

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