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Senior Party At Disneyworld

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Did you ever miss a great party? Now, I’m not talking about getting drunk or anything like that, I’m talking about a great party with friends and good food and all the things that make a party, a party. Did you ever miss one of those?


I did. It was my Senior year in High School. I was living in Deerfield Beach, Fl., and someone told me about “Senior Night.” It was exclusively for High School Seniors who were graduating in the state of Florida. On a certain night in April, all seniors were invited to one location. . . and not just any location . . . one location. Know where it was? Disney World! That’s right! Can you imagine as a senior being able to join all the other seniors in your state at Disney world for a senior party?

But that wasn’t the most amazing thing! O no! The most amazing thing is that I had actually talked my Dad, who wasn’t usually excited about me going to any kind of party, I convinced him to let me go. The pastor of a sister church in Miami was taking his daughter and a few others, and they had invited me to go, and dad said yes!

I looked forward to this thing for months. I did. I was so excited, but then, I did something. I won’t bore you with the details, but I betrayed my mom and dad’s trust in me and I got grounded. I was so mad and disappointed I thought about running away from home. But how’s a guy with a part-time job, no money and no place to stay, who likes to eat . . . how’s that guy supposed to do that.

So, when everyone else headed to Disney World, this little piggy stayed home. I missed the party!

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