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The Reasons I Like Christmas

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Well, there you have it: Ask anyone if they love Christmas, and they’ll probably say yes. I googled something like “The top ten reasons I love Christmas” and these were some typical responses. One person gave 8 reasons they liked it.

Number 8 was because “things smell so good. Christmas trees, cinnamon and spices, cold groung after rain or snow, baking yams, the decorations are amazing,

Number 7: The food is awesome and so special. Besides fruitcakes, there are dozens of holiday treats that make my mouth water

6. The decorations are amazing.

Face it. Nothing can beat the loaded window displays, the ribbons and garlands around every lamp post, the glittering lights of various colours and doilies and nativity scenes and the trees and everything!

5. ...Presents. Need I say more?

3. It's celebrated all over the world. While there are world issues that separate nations and peoples, Christmas is something that everyone on Earth can share.

2. Family comes together. Christmas is about the only time of year I see people outside my immediate family. They come to the house and we get to regroup for the first time in 364 days.

1. Everything is so happy.

Did you notice that I left one out? Yes, it’s number 4. I saved it till last because I think its where so many people are. His number 4 reason was, “It’s not necessarily just for Christians. It’s gotten so commercialized that agnostics like myself can still enjoy it.”

Now you might be a little put off by that if you’re a Christ-follower, but whether you think its good or bad you can’t deny that it is true. The typical attitude in our country is that Christmas is a great excuse to spend money and party, and, quite frankly, that’s about where it stops.

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