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Sermon 2 - Persistence in prayer

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Persistence in prayer - Luke 18:1-8

Sermon taken from Dr. Oss class notes


[The CONTEXT of Jesus’ parable to His disciples concerning persistent prayer was the coming distress they would experience in this life before Jesus’ return, (17”22-37)].

I. The PURPOSE for Jesus’ parable to His disciples was to encourage them to persist in prayer, (1).

II.                The BEHAVIOR of the unjust judge (in contrast to God’s behavior as judge) was that He did not fear or care about anyone, (2).

III.             The BEHAVIOR of the widow (as an example for the disciples) was that she persistently petitioned the judge for justice, (3).

IV.            The DELAYED granting of justice to the widow by the judge (in contrast to God’s swift granting of justice to those who pray) came, not because He feared or cared, but because He wearied of the Widow’s persistence, (4-5).

V.               The CONTRAST between the unjust judge and God was that, because He cares, God brings, “swift” justice of His people who cry out to Him, (7-8b).

VI.            The PURPOSE for Jesus’ parable to His disciples was to encourage His disciples, through the use of a rhetorical question, to persist in prayer, until His return, (8b).


The purpose for Jesus’ parable of

 the persistent widow

as told to His disciples

was to encourage them

 to persist in prayer

Sample Theological Outline and Proposition



Luke 18:1-8



I.                   Times of distress demand persistence in prayer, (17:22-18:1).

II.                Praying with persistence wins divine deliverance, (2-8a).

III.             God’s expectation of faith at Christ’s return elicits persistent prayers of faith, (8b).


God’s timely deliverance comes to those

who persist in prayer

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