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Parking Lot Attendants

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Many of you in this church serve so consistently and quietly that you rarely get any praise. It touches my heart every time I see some of our faithful ladies arriving early to work in the nursery or coming out during the work to clean toys, put up bulletin boards and set up their rooms.

The other week a team of our men stood out in the parking lot in the freezing cold and even in the rain and helped people park for the Christmas Theater. What an awesome group! I was impressed! You know what else impressed me. When I drove in the lot, there was a couple of our staff members out there in their coats and their ear muffs, leading by example!

Your attitude is to be one of willingness: It’s a want to, not a have to; Your attitude is to be one of service: It’s about what you give, not about what you get; and your attitude is to be one of reverence: You are an example, not an executive.

You see, if you’re to really serve God the way He calls you to serve, you will be a shepherd. Shepherding describes your calling and it defines your attitude. But there’s one more reason. You must be a shepherd

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