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Wednesday Night Bible Study                                                   February 21, 2007

Opening Prayer


Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

Ecclesiastes 3:1 (read)

          *A new year has begun.

I look back over the past year at my blessings and victories and


                   I look at my disobedience and I repent and regret.

                   I thank the Lord for the blessings and the victories.

                   I seek guidance and rejoice what I have learned from and

                             hopefully will not repeat the disobedience.

                   As I walk with the Lord, I realize that what I say and do until He takes

                             me home, He will hold me accountable for.

Ecclesiastes 3:2 (read)

          *I was born again December 4, 1996 at 2:35pm.

                   That is when Jesus gave me life.

          *I was baptized.

                   So I have died to my old life and have a new live in Christ.

          *I will plant God’s love, where ever He plants me.

                   At this time it is here in Dillingham at

Anchor of Hope Assembly of God.

          *I will uproot, when the Lord moves me on.

                   When He has accomplished through me what He needs.

Ecclesiastes 3:3 (read)

          *Jesus was killed, so I could have life.

                   He has allowed me to have a new life, a new beginning.

          *Jesus has healed me and is still healing me.

                   Alcohol, drugs, cigarettes and cancer,

                             He continues to heal me.

          *Jesus is tearing down strongholds in my life.

                   Bitterness from past hurts

          *Jesus is building me new as I grow in Him

                   He builds and guides me as I walk with Him

                             He is my Potter and I am His clay.

Ecclesiastes 3:4 (read)

          *Jesus has turned my weeping into Joy

                   Depression/Negative attitudes

          *Jesus has shown me how to laugh

          *Jesus comforts me in times of mourning

                   Braden and Daddy

          *Jesus has broken and is still braking my chains so I can dance

                   Fear of what man thinks

Ecclesiastes 3:5 (read)

          *Jesus shows me what stones to let go of,

                   sometimes it is people.

          *Jesus gives me good things, and good people to add to my life

                   Roslyn and Patty/Anchor of Hope family

          *Jesus shows me how to embrace new things/changes

                   Moving to Alaska/becoming a pastor

          *Jesus shows me when to let go

                   Clint and Bob

Ecclesiastes 3:6 (read)

          *Jesus opens doors for service

                   5 years at Little Beaver Camp

                   Almost 2 years here in Dillingham

          *Jesus also closes the doors on service

                   Our church life in Salem choir/youth/kid’s Sunday School

                             Easter and Christmas programs/prayer team

          *Jesus shows me what to keep

                   Good memories of my life

          *Jesus shows me how to forgive


Ecclesiastes 3:7 (read)

          *Jesus brings old wounds to the surface

                   Memories thought forgotten.

          *Jesus heals those old wounds

                   Hurt and betrayal

          *Jesus puts His hand over my mouth

                   Helping me to think before I speak.

          *Jesus guides me, as to when and what to speak

                   to bless people with my words, not to curse them.

                             James 3 tells us that we can tame wild animals,

                                      However, we cannot tame our tongues.

Ecclesiastes 3:8 (read)

          *Jesus taught me true love

                   He taught me what and how to love unconditionally

          *Jesus taught me what to hate


          *Jesus shows and helps me get through the battles of this life

                   through His Word and prayer

          *Jesus gives me peace

                   His Peace that surpasses all understanding.

                             His Peace in knowing that I will be with Him for all Eternity.

Read Ecclesiastes 3:11-15  


Closing Prayer



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