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Forgiven like Them

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And he wasn’t the first one. People do that all the time. You’ve probably tried to share Christ with a few of them. I still remember being out one day going door-to-door here in Wilson trying to witness. I ran into a couple of college students who actually took the time to talk to me. They were really cordial until I started talking about the fact that everyone was a sinner and needed to be forgiven by the grace of Christ alone.

She couldn’t believe it. She said something like, “Do you actually mean to tell me that I am in the same condition as a murderer or a rapist. I have to be forgiven just like them? I just can’t believe that.” Those, my friend, were the words of someone who didn’t comprehend her debt, and, may I just say, that she remained unforgiven because she refused to listen any further.

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