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Pink Slip

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You wake in the morning and look over at your desk. There it is. It’s a bright pink and you know what’s on it. It’s sitting on top of the box you used to clean out your desk. That was a month ago, but the pain is just as fresh as if it had happened five minutes earlier.

Beside the box is your Bible. Every morning, especially since the layoff, you’ve been spending time with the Lord and, of course, you always ask Him to provide you with exactly the right job at exactly the right time. You’ve been asking, but have you been seeking? You see the asker prays and trusts God, but the person who is seeking, when he finishes his prayer, turns on the internet, goes online and begins to fill out job applications. He is seeking. He gets actively involved in putting himself in the place where God can use him to answer his own prayer. That’s the responsibility of prayer.

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