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Now in the first place, seizing the opportunity is important because of the nature of the opportunity itself. After all, we’re talking about eternity. We’re talking about the difference between heaven and hell. We’re talking about the difference between eternal life and eternal death. It doesn’t get more important than that.

And yet, all of us can make excuses about not dealing with things that really are urgent. Recently, I was riding around with one of our church members making some visits and he noticed that my “Maintenance required” light was lit on my dashboard. He made a comment about it and I said something about getting my oil changed. I had the best of intentions and I know that oil changes really aren’t something you should put off, but it was about a week later he got in the car and said, “When you going to get your oil changed?” I looked down, and there as that light. I had all kinds of excuses about why I hadn’t got it done yet, but the truth is, I just had not seen it as urgent.

I’m not alone. A 2008 Harris survey found that 10% of us are driving around with our “Check engine” light on. I won’t embarrass you this morning, but I bet that, seated right here in this audience, some of you have that light reflecting in your eyes when you get behind the wheel. By the way of that 10 % of you, half of you have problems that are bringing you close to break down and another 10% of you have had that light on for 1-2 months. Now people make all kinds of excuses for letting their light stay on. they range from comments such as “my car is running fine,” to “I can’t afford a repair.” Whatever the excuse, however, the lack of urgency about your little amber “friend” will soon leave you stranded if you don’t change your attitude.

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