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Five Smooth Stones - Giant #3

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Five Smooth Stones - Giant #3: Jealousy of Saul

RL Sunday - Hedy Hibbitt (one of 54) - Giant #3 - Japan – tragedy in this life is not dying – it’s dying without Jesus Christ

If you have not picked up a Five Smooth Stones packet yet PLEASE do so today.  Financially speaking Giant #1 totals $600,000 and Giant #2 is $340,000.  Once these funds are collected we will concentrate on making maintenance and technology upgrades totaling $250,000.  I have a little chart in my office which states that 5% of people are Kinetic learners.  This group of people will learn best by using their hands.  30% are auditory learners. They learn by hearing.  Believe me, auditory learners are a preacher’s best friend.  But what’s left?  65%!  65% of people are visual learners.  For them seeing is more than believing – seeing is learning.  I love using the screens because I am a visual learner.  I like maps, graphs, videos and pictures!  I can explain something and you might get it.  But if I show you the picture – you might have an “a-ha” moment. 

            I can say to you what does sorry look like?  Or I can show you what sorry looks like!  (Images)  And not just sorry, but here’s what tired looks like!  Here’s what bad spelling looks like!  Here’s what friendship looks like.  Not to mention courage!  Here’s what “oh my goodness” looks like.  Have you ever been doing something but were thinking about something else.  That’s called being preoccupied.  Here’s what “preoccupied” looks like! 

            Now I’m curious?  What do you think “jealous” looks like?  Turn in your Bibles today to 1st Samuel 17:57.  Do you need a Bible?  I found one of the Bibles we give away in the Men’s restroom.  I was someone would have taken that oneJ 

            We have been studying the life of David the last two weeks.  We have found that Goliath wasn’t the only giant in David’s life.  David chose to rise above the opinions of others.  HAVE YOU?  He chose not to be intimidated by Goliath’s massive size.  Remember, a giant is anything that has you dismayed or terrified.  Today, David will be confronted with King Saul’s jealousy.  But before we get there, we must go here.  Let’s start reading at verse 57 in 1st Samuel 17.  (Read 17:57-18:1a)

“Whoa, Greg!  Time out.  Who is Jonathan?  Go back 4 chapters to 1st Samuel 14:49.  Here’s Saul’s score card.  Jonathan is Saul’s first born son.  So when Father “kicks” guess who gets the throne?  Tuck that in the back of your mind as we keep reading.  Go back to chapter 18 verse 1.  (Read verses 1-4) Tom Horner wrote a book called Jonathan Loved David: Homosexuality in Biblical Times.  The verb for love is “aheb” not “yada.”[i]  Their bond was friendship not sexuality. (Read vs. 5-9)

            So what does “jealousy” look like?  (Kid Picture)  That’s not bad!  Before my wife Tricia dated me – she dated a guy named Jeff.  I did not care much for JEFF!  Jealousy to me is the old Rick Springfield song – “Jessie is a friend, yeah, I know he's been a good friend of mine - But lately something's changed that ain't hard to define - Jessie's got himself a girl and I want to make her mine...[ii]  Anyone remember the chorus.  “I wish that I had Jessie's girl - Where can I find a woman like that!”  The NIV says this.  “And from that time on Saul kept a jealous eye on David.” NAS says, “And Saul looked at David with suspicion from that day on.”   KJV says, “And Saul eyed David from that day and forward.” That word “eyed”(âvan) means “to watch with jealousy.”[iii]  Who in this room has ever been jealous before?  Which means we have felt feelings of resentment against another person because of their perceived success or advantages?[iv]

The truth is a jealous person will do crazy stuff!  Find verse 10 in 1st Samuel 18.  Now that’s an interesting verse.  The whole story is found in 1st Samuel 16:14.  (Read vs. 14)  Doesn’t that seem like troubling verse?  I mean that doesn’t sound like the God I would want to worship.  I read a tremendous article written by Matt Proctor the new President of Ozark Christian College called “Getting the Most from Old Testament Stories.”  Proctor referenced this book called, “How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth.”  Good book!  Matt said this in his article, “When we go looking for dating tips or business advice in an Old Testament narrative, we usually are asking the wrong questions of the text.  These passages were written to teach us, yes, but not to teach anything or everything.  The Old Testament narratives are telling the story of God at work to save the world.  Our primary question must always be:  “What is God up to in this passage?”[v]

OK.  So let’s ask.  What is God up to in this passage when it comes to Saul?  God is transferring his power from a man who does not have his heart – to a man that does have his heart!  Go back to verse 13 in 1st Samuel 16.  DAVID HAS THE POWER!  Guess who doesn’t have the power?  Back again to verse 14.    God permitted an evil spirit to torment him.  Saul has disobeyed God as king.  He’s not repentant and he’s no longer empowered by God.  If God’s spirit is IN you and yet you choose to walk away from him that decision will torment you for the rest of your life.  Saul opened the flood gate and depression and jealousy[vi] stormed into his mind & heart! 

Saul is a mess.  Chuck Swindoll said, “Saul became a living civil war, miserable, possessed of an evil spirit, mentally breaking, a suspicious, angry, jealous man.”[vii] And remember, jealousy will bait a person to do crazy stuff.  Let me show just JUST how crazy!  Go back to 1st Samuel 18:10.  (Read 10-11) 

Jealousy can end up costing someone their life!  David knows that full well!  BUT that’s not the only thing!  Jealousy will make you afraid.  Find vs. 12.  Jealousy will also make you paranoidGo back to verse 8.  Jealousy cost Saul his relationship with his son Jonathan and his daughter Michal.  It will also cost him the trusted friendship and presence of his servant David.  Jealousy has selected memory.  What did David just do for Saul?  He killed Goliath.  Jealousy says, “I can’t see the good you did.  All I can see is what you have and what I don’t!”

OK.  Scripture warning signs are clear to me.  Jealousy can tear a person up.  Jealousy can not only take you down, but take down those you love.  David said no!  “I’m not letting Saul’s bizarre actions ruin my life.”  I think David should have been the one afraid – after all, the spears were being thrown at his head. 

            But David’s not afraid.  At least not here – at this moment.  How is that possible?  Find and underline verse 1st Samuel 18:14.  (READ) (...because the Lord was with him.)

            IN the Old Testament God’s spirit was poured out on a few.  In the NT God’s spirit is poured out on all who believe that Jesus is the risen Christ, the Son of the Living God!  DO YOU?  Have you now put your trust in Jesus Christ? If you have – the Lord is with you TOO!  The HS of God will help you!  If someone is jealous of you!  Be careful of their motives!  Ask God to give you wisdom.  Locate verse 17!  (17-18) Actions of jealous people will often LOOK pure but not BE pure! 

            What happens if you are the one who’s jealous?  I was on my way into Westerville last Wednesday morning.  It was early a little past 6:30A.M.  I was driving south on Route #3 and it was raining really hard.  I thought I going the speed limit, but apparently someone behind didn’t think so!  As I made my way into Westerville near Giammarco's Restaurant the road goes from one lane to two.  I took the left lane and this silver Ford F150 took the right lane.  The driver of the truck comes up right beside me and yells out his window – “go the “F” speed limit!”       

            Now RACE FANS – that did not sit well with me. I was so calm driving in until this dweeb spouts off his mouth!   In any situation but especially this situation a person has options.  In a split second I stated counting my options:  I wanted to give him the finger.  It least my pinkie!  I thought about giving him a car to truck pat – that’s not true – I wanted to ram him!  Then I thought about getting right on his bumper and following him for a few blocks!  BUT I did none of those things even though my FLESH screamed for me to retaliate.  It doesn’t make a difference if its retaliation, jealousy, greed or lust.  PLEASE KNOW this.  The Lord is with you!  Do you remember those pictures?  What would “helping hands” look like?  Maybe this?  (IMAGE- Boy & puppies)  At that very moment I needed help.  Because I wanted to sin!  I wanted to do my own thing.  So I called out to HOLY SPIRIT – please help me and he did.  He brought to my mind – my wife Tricia, my kids, my family – this family.  He reminded me that my actions reveal my heart and that God has his “EYE” on me just like Saul had his on David!  The HS said to me, “Stay calm.  It’s just not worth it!”  Saul didn’t and it created chaos in his life.

A pajama-clad little girl called out to family: "I'm going upstairs to say my prayers now. Anyone want anything?”[viii] Sometimes the only prayer you need to pray is – God, I need help!”


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