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April 4 - Wednesday

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Wednesday Night Bible Study                                                                    April 4, 2007

Worship Prayer

Please turn to II Peter 2:17-22

Stand for the reading of the Lord’s Word

Opening Prayer


II Peter 2:17-22

Peter is teaching us about FALSE TEACHERS that are within the church. 

Persecution will always cleanse and strengthen us, while FALSE TEACHING weakens us and

          it ruins our testimony. 

We have the only weapon that will fight FALSE TEACHING, the Word of God.

False Teachers Claim

          FALSE TEACHERS promise their followers satisfaction but don’t satisfy our spiritual


                   Wells without water are useless.

          These teachers, with their great words, which is really religious half truths.

give the appearance of being truthful and helpful.

but they really are clouds driven by the wind.

          Millions today are following false religions that promise help but can’t give any.

          FALSE TEACHERS promise freedom but lead people into bondage.

Peter uses a bit of mockery here.

          How can people who are slaves to sin themselves ever set anyone else free!

          Go to verse 12, read

II Peter 1:4 says, “the Christian has received the divine nature, having escaped the

                             corruption that is in the world by lust.”

Peter is describing false Christians, people who merely wash off the dirt on the outside,

but never receive the new nature on the inside. 

You can wash a dog, but the animal does not change its basic nature.

These people know the way of righteousness and have knowledge of Christ’s work,

but they do not personally receive Him into their hearts.

Their outward dirt was washed away, but the inward corruption is still there.

These “professors not possessors” seem to experience salvation,

but in due time they drifted back to the life that suits their nature.

Dogs go back to their vomit;

Pigs go back to the mud.

          Proverbs 26:11 says, “Like a dog that returns to its vomit is a fool who repeats his


We live in a day of false teachers.

We will detect them by:

Their love of themselves instead of Christ.

Their fake talk and great words.

Their importance on making money.

Their great claims that they can change people.

And their hidden lives of lust and sin.

For the time being we cannot stop them except by teaching the Word sincerely.

But one day God will expose them and judge them.

They will be judged just like all of us.

And like all of us, they will answer for their ways.

It is important that we beware of FALSE TEACHERS AND THEIR TEACHINGS.

Closing Prayer


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