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But it doesn’t have to be that way. Blessing does not have to distraction. In fact, if we will allow God to have His way, blessing can lead to just the opposite. Instead of blessing leading to distraction from God, if we are truly thankful for what He gives, blessing can lead to a focus upon Him. And when we are focused on Him, we do not become deceived and forget God. No we have our eyes open to Who He is. His glory is revealed to us and in that moment of revelation, just like the women who came to the empty tomb and saw Jesus in the garden, we fall on our faces before Him and worship. And the worshiping heart; the thankful heart, is the heart God can continue to bless.

R. G. Letourneau knew it was true. He began in obscurity in Stockton California. He had no formal education and worked to level out farmland. But he would get frustrated because the equipment he had to use to accomplish the task did not do very well. He knew he could find a better way, so in 1922, he constructed the first all-welded scraper that was lighter, stronger, and less expensive than other machines.

Business took off and, during WWII, he produced 70% of all the army’s earth-moving machinery. But R. G. was a committed disciple of Christ. He said that God was the chairman of his board. Though he had the capacity to have many things, he was not distracted by them Even though he was a multi-millionaire, Letourneau tithed . . . in reverse. O Yes! He kept 10% of his income and gave 90% to God.

LeTourneau said that the money came in faster than he could give it away. LeTourneau was convinced that he could not out-give God. "I shovel it out,” he would say, “and God shovels it back, but God has a bigger shovel." He also said, “You will never know what you can accomplish until you say a great big yes to the Lord!”

That’s what he did. Instead of distracting him, his blessings focused him. Then his focus revealed just how big his God really was and that revelation led him to worship and that worship brought so much blessing into his life till he became absolutely convinced that he could not outgive God. Now, folks, that’s a real thanksgiving that the grinch of pride itself can never steal!

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