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1 Corinthians 10:10

This Morning is on the Subject of Murmuring


A.       Preventive Medicine

B.        Many Christians believe it is an acceptable practice in the body of Christ

I.                   1 Corinthians 10:1-13

Brief comments about the fact God was not pleased with these people

A.       They had the same spiritual privileges; they all had access to God—v.1-4

B.        But they did not all come into the blessings of God; they did not come into the fullness of what God wanted to do—v.5

C.        Many came under His judgement

II.                Exodus 16:1-4

A.       Exodus 15:22-25

1.      Bitterness—Is hell

2.      The wood is the cross of Christ—Salvation which is sweet

B.        16:8—Murmuring Is Against the Lord

1.      A murmurer looks back at the past with rose colored glasses

2.      Manna—God’s provision for the people

3.      Verse’s 16-17—They gathered according to need, and nobody had lack-what is there to complain about?

a.      When I am in apparent lack, don’t give up

b.     There is a miracle around the corner, often times we don’t see the miracle because we try and fix the problem ourselves.

4.      The discontented heart is first and then comes the murmuring.

5.      Exodus 16:35-40—God provided everyday for forty years

C.        Complainers

1.      Many complainers are those who do the least because they have not sewed their heart into the work, thus it is easy to complain.

2.      I don’t want to murmur about those who murmur.

III.             Numbers 11-6

A.       God’s Provision

1.      They complained about God’s provision for them—discontented hearts!

2.      This displeased God—Remember that!

3.      When you complain, your gripe may be about a person, but ultimately it is against the Lord.

4.      Philippians 4:10-20—Paul learned to be content in all situations

The Murmuring heart shows more about you then it does about anyone else involved!

B.        Numbers 16:31-35           cf. Psalm 106:13-15; Psalm 78:26-31

1.      The Lord may just give you what you are asking for and then you are in big trouble

2.      The people asked for a king and God gave them Saul.

3.      See Psalm 78:26-31; 106:13-15—We gripe until we get what we want and then we gripe because that is not enough.

a.      When you are not satisfied with God’s will—You will want your own

b.     Shame that God feeds you with the Word and you do not grow—Your heart is not right.

c.      Spurgeon—“Men are always quarreling with God because He will not submit His will to their dictations.”

IV.              Complaining About Spiritual Leaders

A.       Numbers 16:1ff.

1.      Results: they and their children get wiped out—v.31-32

2.      If you allow your kids to hear your griping, they will pick up on that and do the same.

3.      If they see you pick up and leave, you are sewing that into their hearts as well.

They will start to complain about brother-sister-schoolteacher-coaches-parents, government, spiritual leaders, you and then ultimately God.

B.        God’s Response

1.      Numbers 16:29-34

2.      But look at verse 41—This is the response of the people – they still murmured – Amazing!

3.      Verse 46 says that God was wrathful toward this attitude

V.                 The Unity of the Body of Christ

A.       Ephesians 4:1-3

1.      The calling of which we have been called in found in Chapter 1,2,3

2.      4:2-3 is the application of this

endeavor—means to put some effort into it

B.        Philippians 2:14 – The context is 2:1-4

C.        Galatians 5:14-15

1.      Do I gripe and complain about myself?

2.      Then don’t do it to others!

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