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2,11 Does God Still Speak, Zechariah 1, 7-17

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Does God Still Speak?

Zechariah 1:7-17


 We come now to the visions and revelations of the Lord, the way that God chose to speak by Zechariah to awaken the people’s attention and to engage their humble reverence of the word and their enquiries into it. This vision is one of the eight visions that Zechariah saw. Imagine, in a single night, seeing eight visions which are interpreted by an angel and which would describe the future of the nation.

  Remember, the last time Haggai prophecied was last December. It is now around February 15, 519 BC.  It has been 5 months since the building of the temple resumed.

I. The Vision—vs8-11

a) What Zechariah saw—

“a man riding upon a red horse”—the word “horse” symbolizes divine activity among the nations of the earth.  most likely, this rider was the leader of the horsemen.

“stood among the myrtle trees that were in the bottom”- most likely it was a ravine.

“red horses, speckled and white”—there were horsemen mounted on these horses in the back.

b) What are these? Vs9-

the angel of the Lord showed Zechariah the vision by allowing its actors to speak.

Vs10—The rider of the red horse--- this rider is not the angel of interpretation for Zechariah, but the Angel of the Covenant.--“these are they to whom the Lord hath sent to walk to and fro through the earth”. They had been out patrolling, in the sense of military. God is always interested in the affairs of the earth.

VS11- the attendant angels talk report to the Lord of angels—“sitteth still” it is when all shall seem secure, that God shall shake and overthrow the throne of the kingdoms.

“the earth is at rest”- tranquil, undisturbed

  Wars at this time had been suspended. The “rest” in which the world was suggests the continued unrest of the people of God. Israel had been promised rest on its return from captivity, but it had not been fulfilled. The temple was not complete, the walls of Jerusalem were broken down, the gates burned, houses unbuilt—

II. Word from the Angel—vs12-13-

a) Question—vs12—“how long?”- the contrast between the tranquil nations and the downtrodden people of God was painful, so the Angel of the Lord interceded for them. It had been 70 years, and they were praying for the mercy of God. The 70 years of Babylonian captivity were over. Yet, this 70 years must mean the time from the destruction of the temple to the time which the angel spoke.

  We see in this passage that God does have a controlling activity in the world.


III. Word of the Lord-vs13-  now, we have a verbal message to convey comfort to Israel. This message is to and through the interpreting angel to Zechariah.

good words”-beneficial, pleasant, favorable, happy

“comforting”- consoling, as for a death of an infant child.




Notice how God spoke--

a) God’s love for Israel-vs13-14- I am jealous for Jerusalem and for Zion with a great jealousy.

  “jealous”- zeal for one’s own property. As Israel’s husband, God is jealous. Idolatry is spiritual adultery and merits death.  God expects us to return to our love. His burning zeal had been against Israel for 70 years.

b) Anger with the Nations- vs15-  when you read that word “very”, it has the sense of double.  You see, God was only a little angry with Israel—He desired moderate punishment of His people. The nations “forwarded” this by overstepping the limits of God that He had intended for His people. The Assyrians and Chaldeans did what they did against the Jewish people, not in view of God and for righteousness sake, but out of pride and covetousness and in the worst ways.

  The nations are now at ease. This being the case does not mean that God’s blessings were on them.

c) God’s Blessings on Israel- vs16-17-

God pronounces 6 blessings on them

1-return with mercies-  rather than the departure of the divine glory from the temple, God is returning with His mercies

2-“my house shall be built”- rebuilding of the temple

3-“line stretched upon Jerusalem”- rebuilding of the city

4- “my cities through prosperity”- Israel will be enriched with divine blessings which the city walls will be unable to contain.

5- “comfort Zion”- comfort will come by the fulfillment of God’s promises

6- “shall yet choose Jerusalem”- they will be chosen. God will focus His sovereign love on them.

IV. The Message for Today—

Zechariah was to remind them that Jerusalem would yet play a role in God’s program. That city would be the stage upon which the great drama of redemption would be performed—the crucifixion, resurrection, and initial proclamation of the gospel.

Does God Still Speak?

Zechariah 1:7-17

I.                    The Vision

II.                  Word from the Angel

III.               Word of the Lord




       IV.       The Message for Today—

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