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Jesus Visits Josef

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Josef Tson was a pastor in Romania before the fall of the Communists. He was outspoken in his stand for God. He talks about the realization he had, before he took his stand, that doing what God was calling him to do would mean suffering, and, perhaps, even death. On one occasion he was arrested and interrogated. The interrogator was quite nasty with him and the session became unbearable for Josef. Through the long arduous, frightening time, Josef’s courage waned. He was left very discouraged and wanting to quit. He talks about how, after that terrible session, the Lord met with Him and helped him to understand what was going on and that He was in control.

The next week, the interrogation began again, but everything was different. Tson says: "At one point [the interrogator] stopped and said, 'Mr. Tson, who visited you this weekend? I have in front of me a different person than the one who left here. Somebody came and changed you completely. I have to know who came and visited you.' Jesus visited me and made me ready for the battle again,' said Tson.

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