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Holding Riley

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A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of spending the weekend with my grandson. I won’t bore you with the details, but I had a blast. We played silly games. He found one of the plungers in the bathroom (It’s the one we use to unstop the drains, not the commodes, ok?) He found it in the bathroom and we spent about thirty minutes just walking around the house unstopping make believe drains in our living room floor. He thought that was the greatest thing. He would just laugh whenever we’d do it. Now, I’m not in the habit of spending time unstopping make-believe drains. I don’t even enjoy unstopping real ones! But I did it because I did it with Him.

Then on Monday afternoon, I missed staff meeting here. Now, I don’t miss staff meeting for anything. It’s important. I discovered a long time ago that if you’re not at staff meeting, you’re the one who ends up being assigned all the things nobody else wants to do! But I missed this staff meeting. Why? So I could go shopping and babysit him. Now, you all know that shopping is not my favorite activity. So why would I do that? So I could be with him.

On the way home from shopping, he fell asleep in the car. We thought he would wake up when we got home, but he didn’t. I took him from his car seat, went into the living room and for the next 45 minutes I just sat in the chair and held him while he slept. May I tell you that was about the best hour I have spent in a long time. I delighted in him.

A little later on, suddenly it hit me: If God feels about me the way I feel about my grandson, He really loves me a lot.

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