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Freedom and Surrender

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I know it because I’ve experienced spiritual no-man’s land personally. I know what it’s like to be bound in a habit I could not get control of. I still remember the days of my rebellion against God’s will for my life. Closely aligned with that rebellion was a twin addiction that I struggled with. I could not get complete victory. I would have it for a while, but then would come a moment of weakness or some strong temptation and I would fall. Now part of the problem was my own weakness, but the cause of that weakness was more than just my flesh. It was my lack of surrender.

It’s interesting, though. When I finally surrendered to God’s call on my life, I began to really get victory over those sins that had beset me. Now, I’m not even close to perfect. But I tell you, victory is only possible when you as a believer get out of spiritual “no man’s land” and sell out to the Will of God.

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