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Tijuana Taxi

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Can you think of the most desperate prayer you’ve ever prayed? I’m not sure when mine was, but I sure know when it should have been. It happened in Vera Cruz, Mx. Tony, Doug and I were there visiting churches and decided to take a taxi from the bus station to the hotel. I think this guy must have seen us coming, but we all piled into his little Nissan Sentra or whatever it was. There were three of us in the back seat and one of us in the front. I was sitting in the middle with no door to lean on and this guy takes off.

He was possessed! I don’t know where the fire was, but this guy drove like he was Barney Fife chasing a crook through downtown Mayberry. He was flying in the middle of heavy traffic, only he didn’t slow down. He would see the lane blocked and never took his foot off the accelerator. Sitting in the middle, I was thrown all over that car. I don’t remember if I was praying, but I should have been.

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