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Israel and the Security of the Believer

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Israel and the Security of the Believer

I.   Intro

A. Matt 19:6 “What God has joined together let no man separate”

1.  There are doctrines which God has wedded together

2.  The greater context of the end of Romans 8 (Rom 8:38-39)

B. Immediate Context

1.  For I could wish that I myself were accursed from Christ for my brethren, my countrymen according to the flesh,

          "according to the flesh"    κατa σάρκα   

(1) according to the same birth (physical) shared

(2) physical ancestors

(3) thus not the church but clear Paul’s physical kin

b.  Who are Israelites

(1) the pervious designation tells us who Paul and the Holy Scripture consider "Israelites" in Rom 9-11.

(2) any departure from this position is a departure from the Scriptures since this is what God meant

c.  the verb "are" governs the whole sentence in the Greek εἰσιν

II. Rom 11 itself

A.  the remnant as evidence of the continued promises to Israel

1.  Paul and Jewish believers as evidence Rom 11:1-5

a.  Paul

(1) Israelite was already defined in Rom 9 as an ethnic Jew

(2) note Paul if the church was in mind Paul would not have used εἰμί

b.  Jewish believers of the past

(1) what is happening is continuous within Israel's history

c.  Present Jewish believers

(1) prove God continuing promises to Israel

B. the Mystery of Israel partial hardening 11:25-29

1.  replacement theology a product of Gentile arrogance v.25

2.  this is a mystery

3.  the hardening is partial never total

4.  God continued promises to Israel are the evidence of the believers security

C. Application

1.  Maybe you need to believe what was taught today Do you believe you are secure in Jesus, Do you believe God is not finished with The Jewish People? You are obligated to believe both

2.  Maybe you need to stand fast- are you standing up with your Pastor as He believes these truths? You are obligated to

3.  Maybe you need to act on these truth - Do you want to see the Jewish people  who God will save reached?

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