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Binding of Isaac the Sacrifice of Christ2

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The Binding of Isaac and the Sacrifice of Christ-                                    the idea of Substitutionary Atonement in Jewish thought

I.                  Introduction

A.                 Take home truth : Abraham displayed faith so you could have  faith

B.                 My experience with Weaving

C.                 God implant the idea of substitutionary atonement in Jewish history and thought to lay ground for the Gospel

D.                Many Jewish people deny or don’t understand the truth of substitution

II.                Let’s look at The Akediah Gen 22:1-19 (read Gen 22:1-6, 9- 


III.              The Binding of Isaac in Jewish Thought

A.                 Known as the Akediah and a beloved text

B.                  Seen as a vital basis for vicarious atonement in ancient times

1.                 Midrash on Exodus 12:13 reads "and when I see the blood I will pass over you‑‑ I see the blood of the binding of Isaac ."

2.                 Leviticus Rabba states in this regard  The New Year prayer of Talmudic Rabbi Bibi bar Abba "So When the Children of Isaac commit sin and do evil remember on their behalf the binding of Isaac ...and full of compassion toward them, be merciful to them"

IV.            The thread of Substitutionary atonement in the Old Testament

A.                 We have seen  it in The Abrahamic Covenant and the Binding of Isaac  revisit Gen 22:15-18

B.                 Let us now look at  The Lamb and The Exodus      Exodus 12:1-11

C.                 Messiah the Sacrifice Lamb our substitute Isa 53:1-12

1.                 Isaiah 53 regard in some of the Rabbinical Writings as Referring to Messiah

2.                 Messiah’s substitution and Jewish Thought

3.                 “As long as Israel dwelt in the Holy Land, the ritual and the sacrifices they preformed [in the temple removed all the diseases from the world; now Messiah removes them from the children of the world ]  Zohar 2:212a quoted in The Messianic Text by Raphael Patai)

V.               God prepared your salvation

A.                 By Sending Jesus in the fullness of time Gal 1:5

B.                 By choosing you in Him By Eph 1:  before the foundation

C.                 God expects you to response you  to respond

1.                 Partnering (slip presentation)

2.                 By giving yourself to Him Rom 12:1-2

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