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Smoke the Samaritans

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White Men Get All The Jobs! or Smoke the Samaritans!
Luke 9

Christ sends his apostles to preach and work miracles, v. 1-6.

Herod, hearing of the fame of Jesus, is perplexed; some suppose that John Baptist is risen from the dead; others, that Elijah or one of the old prophets had come to life, v. 7-9.

The apostles return and relate the success of their mission. He goes to a retired place, and the people follow him, v. 10,11.

He feeds 5,000 men with five loaves and two fish, v. 12-17.

He asks his disciples what the public thinks of him, v. 18-21.

He foretells his passion, v. 22.

He shows the necessity of self-denial, and the importance of salvation, v. 23-25.

He threatens those who deny him before men, v. 26.

The transfiguration, v. 27-36.

He cures a demoniac, v. 37-43.

Again he foretells his own passion, v. 44-45.

The disciples contend who shall be greatest, v. 46-48.

Of the person who cast out demons in Christ's name, but did not associate with the disciples, v. 49-50.

Of the Samaritans who would not receive him, v. 51-56.

Of the man who wished to follow Jesus, v. 57-58.

He calls another disciple, who asks permission first to bury his father, v. 59.

Our Lord's answer, v. 60-62.

The chapter reveals 3 primary problems that still exists today…

I. The Disciples Suffered From A Lack of Power…

·         When begged by a desperate father to cast a demon out of a child, the nine disciples are not able to do it. Their inability is highlighted by the fact that another, who was not one of their number, was successful in that area

·         It is not that the disciples had not done so before, but only that they now were unable.

·         Their inability to cure the demonized child is not due to any lack of authority, for our Lord’s words make it evident that they could have exorcised the child if they had prayed and fasted.

·         They did not experience the power of God for two principle reasons:

1.    They did not feel the need to rely on the Lord for power.

2.    They would have misused this power, either to further their own position, or to judge their enemies (e.g. the Samaritans).

II. The Disciples Suffered From A Lack of Unity…

·         At this point in time, they were arguing with each other about who would be the greatest (Luke 9:46; Mark 9:33).

·         And they were interfering with the ministry of a man who was casting out demons in Jesus’ name, but was not one of them (Luke 9:49).

1.       Their actions indicated they felt they had an exclusive on the will and work of God…

2.       It also indicates their own selfishness…

III. The Disciples Suffered From A Lack of Compassion…

·         When the disciples asked the Lord’s permission to “torch” the Samaritan city, their request betrayed a serious weakness…

o   The kind which hindered the church, and was in direct opposition to the gospel of Jesus Christ…

o   They despised the “lowly” Samaritans, just as the scribes and Pharisees despised “sinners,”…

·         It was a self-righteous spirit, which resisted proclaiming the gospel to those of another race, preferring instead to see their destruction.

o   It betrayed a deep-seated prejudice, that internally says, “I don’t want you in my heaven!”

Each problem revealed a hidden sin—the symptoms in Chapter 9, show a group of disciples steeped in the prejudice and racism—they were victims of their culture, and the social bias of their day!

Lack of Prayer & Power Self-Sufficiency—thinking they could “minister” apart from the power and authority of God!
Lack of Unity & Selfish Competitive Spirit Selfishness—wanting position, power, recognition, and authority. My way!
Lack of Compassion, desire for destruction and judgment Self-Righteousness—failing to see they were as guilty as their accusers. Their prejudice and racism was “justified” as Godly, while their opponents were seen as ugly and evil.

The solution to their problems, are the same today as they were then…

1.       Self-Sufficiency is overcome at The Cross—only thru a vital and daily relationship with Jesus Christ can we overcome the social and cultural bias’ we are raised with and told to embrace…

2.       Selfishness and disunity are solved by imitating Christ in taking up His cross…we can only accurately see our world, when we honesty see ourselves!

3.       Self-Righteous anger over injustice and unfairness can only be remedied through a vital relationship with Jesus Christ…thru that relationship, Christ enables us to look thru the eyes of those who anger us!

White Men Get All The Jobs!


Smoke the Samaritans!


I Don’t Need Nobody But Me!

Luke 9

Lack of ________________         & ________________  
Lack of ________________         & ________________                Competitive Spirit  
Lack of _______________,& desire for _______________________  

White Men Get All The Jobs!


Smoke the Samaritans!


I Don’t Need Nobody But Me!

Luke 9

Lack of ________________         & ________________  
Lack of ________________         & ________________                Competitive Spirit  
Lack of _______________,& desire for _______________________  

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