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Take some weight off #9

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An Easy Weight to Carry

8/28/05 CC/AM

Take off some weight #9

Introduction: On our journey in Hebrews 12:1 we have began to remove some of the sins and potential weights that would slow us down in the progress that we should be making.  This morning we take a look at another sin that we are all to o comfortable carrying.  As a matter of fact we probably will not want to put this weight down because if we get rid of it we will have to change the way that we respond to many situations in life.  We have only a few rocks left in the pack.  If you would be interested in hearing a sermon on a specific weight, fill out a blue card with your name and the topic and I will consider it!

1.     What is it?

a.      This weight is one that appeared shortly after the first sin that mankind committed.

b.     Both the first man and the first woman carried this weight and when they were confronted by God about their sin, they quickly put this sin into action.

c.     In Genesis 3 we have the fall of mankind.  This first sin is often turned to in studying the workings of all sins.  The weight that is associated with it also accompanies sins of our day.

d.     What is the weight?  It is the sin of blame!

e.      Blame says, someone is responsible for my mistakes.  (We won’t even dare to call them sins).  It is not my fault, but I can probably help you by pointing you in the right direction to find the responsible party.

f.       We like to blame people.  When something goes wrong we want to know who it was that is to blame.  Normally the “buck” is passed right down the line as it was in the garden that very first time.

Genesis 3:12-13 NASB95 The man said, “The woman whom You gave to be with me, she gave me from the tree, and I ate.” Then the Lord God said to the woman, “What is this you have done?” And the woman said, “The serpent deceived me, and I ate.”

g.     Notice the digression?  They hid, they attempted to cover up and when caught red handed they blamed others including God!

2.     What is it doing in my pack?

a.      It is there because I put it there.

b.     No one had to train me to do it!  Ever since Adam and Eve sinned it has come as standard equipment.  Children learn to blame their brothers and sisters or even their imaginary friends.  As we grow older we blame our parents for the way we are and claim that we can’t help it.

c.     One of the benefits of marriage is that now we have a new person to shift responsibility too.

d.     When we have problems at work it is most always the fault of someone else.

e.      Like Adam, we even get to the place where we ultimately blame God for even the sinful things that we do.  i.e. “If God didn’t want me to do this He wouldn’t have opened the door of opportunity” type of rationalizing!

f.       It keeps me from becoming the person that God wants me to be!

g.     I can’t develop into the person of character and integrity that is salt and light in this world if I fail to take responsibility for my actions.

3.     How do I get rid of it?

a.      Recognize that we have the problem.

b.     “Catch” ourselves before we put the blame on someone else for our own short comings.

c.     Don’t be like David when confronted by Nathan the prophet in 2 Samuel 12.  He automatically assumed that Nathan was talking about someone else.  David said that the scoundrel who has done this terrible thing must certainly die. Imagine the shock when Nathan told David, “you are the man”.

d.     Do be like David when confronted with personal sin.  In verse 13 David acknowledged his sinfulness and in effect submitted himself to the judgment and mercy of the Lord.

e.      If even King David the friend of God, can be involved in the sin of adultery and even murder, we are susceptible as well of making major sinful decisions.

f.       Take responsibility for our own thoughts and actions immediately.  If we tend to blame others for the little things that go wrong we will most likely blame others when major mistakes happen.

g.     Begin by taking responsibility for where we are spiritually right now.  Realize that we are as close to God right now as we want to be so if there is any distance that has developed it is entirely our fault.  It is not because of our parents, our friends, other Christians, or the pastors.  It is all on us.  If our hearts are cold toward God and His people we have only ourselves to blame.

h.     Realize that instead of blaming others and causing only further damage, God desires that we confess our sins and forgive them so we can move forward in the wonderful relationship that He desires with us.

i.        God wants us to take the blame that is rightfully ours not in order to condemn us and point out all of our short comings.  God is not interested in making somebody pay, He has already paid for all of the sins that mankind will ever commit.  The shed blood of Jesus has already more than covered the cost of our sins. God wants us to acknowledge our sins and turn from them but so that we can experience His blessing on our lives. God loves each of us more than we can even imagine!

j.        Look what God said through Nathan to King David in verses 7,8.  When you walk with me I will give you all you needed and if that wasn’t enough, I would give you abundantly more. 

Conclusion: Our God loves to bless His children.  When His children blow it, He is there to forgive and forget.  So the next time we are tempted to blame someone else for our own mistakes may we instead take full responsibility, ask for forgiveness, and pursue a blameless walk with the Lord!

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