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Gone Fishin’

8/20/06 CC/PM

John 21

Introduction: The book of John closes with an interesting account of an interaction between Jesus and His disciples.  When he originally called his disciples several of them were fishing, (Luke 5:1), and when He meets with them here at the end of the book we find them fishing once again.  In both cases Jesus uses a boat load of fish to teach them some important lessons.  There are also some valuable lessons for us too!

1.   They went back to their former occupation of fishing and caught not one fish the entire night.  Ever had an experience like that?  It is worse when everyone around you is catching them and you are not!

2.   How is Peter’s leadership made evident?

3.   We don’t know how far they were from shore but they must have been fairly close because they are able to converse with Jesus although they don’t know that it is Him at the beginning.

4.   Jesus says to them, “you haven’t caught any fish have you”?  They answer “no”, and He tells them to put their net on the other side and when they do they catch 153 big ones!

5.   At this time they realize that it is Jesus and they make for shore as fast as they can.

6.   Peter can’t wait for the ship to get in so he jumps in and swims for shore.  When the rest show up Jesus says “let’s do breakfast and Peter went after them.

7.   What can you learn about Peter from his actions?

8.   Peter and Jesus have an interesting conversation when breakfast is over.

9.   Peter, do you love me more than you love these fish?

10.                     How do you think Peter felt when he was asked the same question three times?

11.                     After Peter tells Jesus how much he loves Him Jesus gives him a little information about his future and about how he would die.

12.                     Do you think you would like to know what is in front of you and how you are going to die?  Why or why not?

13.                     What did Peter want to know?

14.                     What did Jesus want him to know?

15.                     What do we perceive the hard part of following Jesus is?

16.                     Why are we reluctant to follow Jesus all the way?

17.                     On our wilderness trips we often use the “follow me” approach to leading a group.  How do the followers respond to that kind of leadership?

18.                     How is the leadership of Jesus different?

19.                     OK, so why aren’t we better followers?

20.                     What would god have you change about the way you are doing something now to be a better follower?

21.                     Are you willing to follow Jesus all the way?

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