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The Mystery Parables

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The Mystery Parables

Matthew 13

The Jews had rejected Jesus as Messiah and King. His response was to commence a new form of teaching, one intended to conceal rather than to reveal His meaning. These "mystery" parables of Matthew 13 hid the truth in such a way that only the spiritually enlightened could understand it. They cover the present age when the Kingdom is "underground," so to speak. One day it will be manifested in power; now it is a secret thing. One day the King will come back. In the meantime, His Kingdom must be sought in places, processes, and principles enshrined in these parables.


a.  The sower:

Satan attempting to resist the Kingdom

b.  The wheat and tares:

Satan attempting to revenge the Kingdom

c.  The mustard seed:

Satan attempting to rival the Kingdom

d.  The leaven:

Satan attempting to ruin the Kingdom


a.  The treasure:

the value of Christ's cross

b.  The pearl:

the value of Christ's church

c.  The dragnet:

the value of Christ's coming

NOTE: The first four parables were spoken beside the sea, to the multitude, the other three indoors to the disciples. The first four thus give the outward manifestation, the last three the inward manifestation.

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