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2001 - Sunday Came

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Spiritual probation.

Death on Friday, that was for restitution and reconciliation

But when He got up on Sunday, that as for REDEMPTION/JUSTIFICATION!! – That means_, He got up, to wipe our slate clean;  No longer am I wanted; no longer am I a criminal; No longer is a charge hangin’ over my head;  In fact, I have a clean_ record!!!

No longer am I on probation; I’ve been totally released; totally set free; He took His pen, dipped in eternal ink; and wrote_ REDEAMED!/justified__,, on my name;  That means_, I’m free! – The spiritual police can’t stop me no more; when they run a check on my name,, they’ll find out I’m justified__!! SAVED! FREE!!

They can’t violate me no more__; They can’t call me to court no more__; They can’t interrogate me no more__; I’m justified__!  I’ve been permanently released, from my past_, present, and my future. – I’ve been give a new lease on life,, I’m justified!

To be justified_ means_ to be made just/right/legal_/authentic/together…Straight.

I know where I was, I know what I did; But thank God__,, I’ve been justified__.  Friday, was not the end of the story; Saturday, was not the end_ of the story; Nah nah__,, thank God_ the story does not end_ on Saturday.

Because_, if the story ended on Saturday,, with restitution, that would mean_, that though we have_ some_ freedom,, we’re not totally free! – But when God_ saves you,, He saves_ completely.

When God__, sets you free,, He sets you free_, in, deed__;  w.   But that did not happen_ until_ Sunday morning.

And yawl I need to tell you,, if I had been released, merely on spiritual probation,, I would have already been back on_ death row,, because__, I know_, myself; And I’m still_ getting’ over,, my Adamic tendencies;  I still_, have some Adam tendencies./

I would have already been back on__, death row; If the judge_, had released me,, and told me_,, I’m gonna release you, this time__,, I’m going to give you_, another chance;

If the judge_ told_ me,, I’m goin’ give you_, 1 more_ opportunity,, to do it all_, right; ‘To walk right,, every, day;  To talk right,, every, day;  To speak right, look right, do right__,, every_, day;   I would have been back, on death row__, already!

Because the bottom line_ is this,,  everytime__ God‑ gives me, another_, chance,, I walk right a few steps,, but then I trip__,, on the next step; w.  --  Every time__, I start out doin’ pretty good__,, somethin’ happens__,, and I_ slip__, and fall_ again__:

Am I right about it?  Paul said__,, “When I__,, would_ do good__,, evil__,, is always_ present__, on every hand__. – I go to church; I say my prayers; I read_ the Bible__,, and I sing hymns__,, BUT still__,, there is somethin’ about me__!,, that if I don’t watch myself, {Yea_ Lord__},, I mess up; every now and then__!!

But I’m so__ glad__,, when God_ set me free__,, He didn’t set me free on a contingency, of my own_ goodness. He didn’t set me free_, on the contingency, of my own_ righteousness; He didn’t set me free, on the contingency, that I would dot every “I”, and cross every “T”.

But He set me free__,, on the record_,, of Jesus Christ_,, and I’m so glad__,, I’ve got justification; - {Am I right about it?}

I’m so glad__, xx that on Friday__; He died__,, with nails in His hands_

I__ am glad__,, on Saturday, He was still laying__ in a borrowed grave__…

But I’m so__ glad, that early__, Sunday morning,, Sunday came__.

He died__ on Friday__, but then__, Sunday came__!!  And He got up, xxxx

He got up, so the drug addict, could be justified__; He got up__,, so the whoremonger, could be justified__; He got up,, so the thief_, could be justified_; … so the liar, could be justified__; …so you and I__, could be justified__…

Tell your neighbor__,, He ded__,, but then__,, Sunday came__!!  Sunday came__; And because He lives__,, I can face tomorrow_; Because He lives__,, all_ fear is gone__; Because I know__, who holds my future__; Life is worth livin’; Because He lives_;

Isn’t He alright?  Have you ever tried Him??  Ain’t He all_ right?? – Say yeah_!  xxx

I was doomed__, to die__,, but then__, Sunday came___.

I was on spiritual death row__,, but then__, Sunday came!!

I was on my way to hell___; but then__, Sunday came!!

I was going to have to keep Satan company_; but then__, Sunday came!!

I was lost__,, w/o hope__; but then__, Sunday came!!

I was damned_; I was doomed__; But thank God__,, xx  Sunday Came!!

Thank God__!!  Xx


Anybody here,, glad_ Sunday came__, in your life__??

Did Sunday ever come__,, in your life__?  You ought to say Yes__!!,,

If Sunday ever came__, in your life_,, you ought to wave_ your hand___!!!

If Sunday ever came__,, SAY YEAH__!!!   Ohh__ Yeah!!

Stand On your feet; Tell your neighbor;   Neighbor, I was lost_; but then__,, Sunday came___!!  - Neighbor__,, I was going to hell__,, but then__,, Sunday came__!!

I’m so glad___!  Xxx

When Sunday came__; it put running in my feet;

When Sunday came__; It put clappin’ in my hands__;

When Sunday came__,, it put JOY__!  Xxxx

Now it may not take all of that for you__,, but I’m just glad__, that you can’t speak for me_; You don’t know__, where I was__; You don’t know__, what condition I was in_; You don’t know how bad ‘a shape I was in__;   But I’m glad__,, that the grave_ of Jesus,, was a borrowed grave_;

I__ am glad__,, that the grave of Jesus, was a borrowed grave_;  ‘Om goin’ follow Jesus, ‘cause He got up, Sunday morning! 

A whole lot of folk, are following dead_ men__!  But I read__, in Matthew 28,, Mary, went back to the tomb__,, back to the cemetery,, looking for Jesus,, in the graveyard_,, Sunday morning; But the angel__, of the Lord__, told her__,, “He’s_ not here__,,” – He got up!!,, when Sunday came__!!

Early in the morning; before_ the break of day_!   He got up__!!  W//

Muhammad___,, got a grave__;

Buddha__,, has a grave__;



And Jesus__, had_ a grave__

Buddha__, is still_ there__;

Muhammad, is still_ there;



But I’m so glad__,, that Jesus’ grave__,, was a borrowed grave; and He gave it back, on Sunday morning; Friday night__, it was borrowed, Saturday night, He still had it; {Am I right about it??}   But Sunday came__…..

All___ power____

Don’t look for Jesus, in the cemetery.

If you wanna find & follow Buddha,, go to the cemetery;  …Muhammad…; I’ve got some good friends,, (they are real nice fellows),, following Muhammad;  I tell ‘em I like the discipline; I like your program__; But ugh__,, Muhammad__, is still in the grave__;  And I can’t follow a dead man__!! – Because if you follow a dead_ man__,, your destination is the cemetery!! w

But if you follow Jesus,, the cemetery, is just a detour, not a destination. – See I’m not going to_ the cemetery,, but I’m going thru_ the cemetery.

On my way__, to a higher home__,,  touch your neighbor,, tell ‘em Some__ glad_ morning__,,, when this life is over__,, ‘goin’ to a land__,, where Joy_ will never end_;

I’ll__,, fly away__; Just a few more_,, weary days and then__; I’ll_, fly away__!!

Tell_ your neighbor__,, “Go ahead__,, laugh_ at me_;  Go ahead__,, mock my name__; Go ahead__, say it’s not real__;  But one of these days__,, you’re gonna see__,, I’ll rise__; I’ll rise__; I’ll rise__!!!

‘Om gonna fly a way____!!!!

Don’t miss your surprise_ at sunrise!!!!

Behold, I show you a mystery…..

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