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World View Control

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But last of all, we are willing to challenge in the face of scriptural violation. Basically, this happens in a couple of situations. First, we are to challenge our leaders when they ask us to violate some scriptural principle. Last week I told you of Jennifer Keeton who was forced to attend remediation classes in order to change her belief about homosexuality. Instead, Jennifer refused because that would have violated her biblical belief. That’s just one example. There are many.

In fact The defense fund has handled similar cases the past few years. A Missouri State University social work student filed suit against the university when she was asked to change her views on same-sex adoption, French said. The university later settled. An Eastern Michigan University counseling student filed suit when the university threatened to dismiss her for her religious views. The case is still pending. "This is an emerging trend in education, social work and counseling," French said. "Schools are trying to ensure that their children graduate with a particular world view." When this happens, believers are to stand without fear and challenge what they are being asked to do. We must be willing to challenge in the face of scriptural violation.

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