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Call the Wambulance

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Those are some of my favorite scenes from that movie where Bruce Willis, in his hard-hearted personality, tells whiners to call the “wambulance.” Do you ever feel like that? I do sometimes. I especially feel like that when I hear some of the criticism that the world has for the church today. I feel that way when atheists or agnostics accuse Christianity of murdering people or starting wars in the name of religion. Well, I’ll admit that while some misguided Christians have, in the name of Jesus, done unspeakable things, I think the atheists have a few misguided adherents of their own. Can you say Stalin? Can you say Hitler? Can you say Chairman Mao? When someone starts that noise about the bloody history of Christianity, I want to say, “Hey, just call the “wambulance.”

But the siren of complaint continues. They say that believers are unscientific and that we “stand in the way of progress.” That just reflects their ignorance of the men of the reformation who spurred the progress of the Renaissance and whose scientific discoveries gave birth to the same scientific method we use today. Can you say Francis Bacon? Can you say John Kepler or Sir Isaac Newton or Blaise Pascal? When I hear the modern scientist call the church regressive I laugh. Listen its not the church which is endangering science, it is, in fact, postmodern relativism that is endangering the possibility of knowing any scientific truth. So when they tell me that Christianity is dangerous, I just want to say, “Please!! Just call the “wambulance.”

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